Q. What does Islam say about ‘god-men’?

India is often called the land of ‘god-men’. This is due to the abundance of so-called spiritual masters in India. Many of these ‘babas’ and ‘saints’ have a large following in many countries. Islam abhors deification of any human being. To understand the Islamic stand towards such pretenders to divinity, let us analyze one such ‘god-man’, Osho Rajneesh.

Let us put this candidate, ‘Bhagwan’ Rajneesh, to the test of Surah Ikhlas, the touchstone of theology:
  1. The first criterion is “Say, He is Allah, one and only”. Is Rajneesh one and only? No! Rajneesh was one among the multitude of ‘spiritual teachers’ produced by India. Some disciples of Rajneesh might still hold that Rajneesh is one and only.
  2. The second criterion is, ‘Allah is absolute and eternal’. We know from Rajneesh’s biography that he was suffering from diabetes, asthma, and chronic backache. He alleged that the U.S. Government gave him slow poison in prison. Imagine Almighty God being poisoned! Rajneesh was thus, neither absolute nor eternal.
  3. The third criterion is ‘He begets not, nor is He begotten’. We know that Rajneesh was born in Jabalpur in India and had a mother as well as a father who later became his disciples.

In May 1981 he went to U.S.A. and established a town called ‘Rajneeshpuram’. He later fell foul of the West and was finally arrested and asked to leave the country. He came back to India and started a commune in Pune which is now known as the ‘Osho’ commune. He died in 1990. The followers of Osho Rajneesh believe that he is Almighty God. At the ‘Osho commune’ in Pune one can find the following epitaph on his tombstone:
“Osho – never born, never died; only visited the planet Earth between 11th December 1931 to 19th January 1990.”
They forget to mention that he was not granted visa for 21 countries of the world. Can a person ever imagine ‘God’ visiting the earth, and requiring a visa to enter a country! The Archbishop of Greece said that if Rajneesh had not been deported, they would have burnt his house and those of his disciples.

4. The fourth test, which is the most stringent is, “There is none like unto Him”. The moment you can imagine or compare ‘God’ to anything, then he (the candidate to divinity) is not God. It is not possible to conjure up a mental picture of the One True God. We know that Rajneesh was a human being, having two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth and a white flowing beard. Photographs and posters of Rajneesh are available in plenty. The moment you can imagine or draw a mental picture of an entity, then that entity is not God.

Many are tempted to make anthropomorphic comparisons of God. Take for instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous body builder and Hollywood actor, who won the title of ‘Mr. Universe’, the strongest man in the world. Let us suppose that someone says that Almighty God is a thousand times stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The moment you can compare any entity to God, whether the comparison is to Schwarzenegger or to King Kong, whether it is a thousand times or a million times stronger, it fails the Qur’anic criterion, “There is none like unto Him”.
Thus, the ‘acid test’ cannot be passed by anyone except the One True God.
The following verse of the Glorious Qur’an conveys a similar message:

“No vision can grasp Him
But His grasp is over
All vision: He is
Above all comprehension,
Yet is acquainted with all things.”
                [Al-Qur’an 6:103]


6 thoughts on “Q. What does Islam say about ‘god-men’?

  1. confined soul like you Mr. Naik can never get rid of the type->>Religiously Obsessed.. Your wisdom got stuck to the magic of WORDS only…. You’ll get to know yourself well as soon as you’ll get rid of the trap of WORDS and beliefs of which you dont have any real experience… You can’t share worthy wisdom but just STALE piece of all those BOOKISH stuffs without any real world experience… Meditation will cure your disease i strongle believe….
    XYZ… :O


  2. the problem is your views are too rigid. god exists in everyone of us.good and evil resides in every one of us.when you are able defeat the evil inside you completely,it is then that you become a MAHADEV-the god


  3. Brother,

    the book you carry is certainly holy and impressive but you seem to be showing up yourself wiser than the originator/writer (almighty). You narrate best capabilities and best power of God reading very profound verses as if God only sat with you and explained to you! If we agree that God is so almighty (whom you and I never saw or met so far even after generations of reading holy books from all religions) and we assume we understand line by line what HE wants to say to us in divine verses! We can’t even read a nuclear formation’s technical detail by our own, not even a tax statement and we read, interpret and boast big time about such profound books which are written by great people of their time assuming we all understood that what Spiritual Masters or God is talking about! You say that Osho was not a God Man – ok, let’s assume that for a while but then that’s what you are trying to prove of yourself claiming you know line by line what almighty is talking about without meeting, seeing, experiencing Him…

    Osho was not only criticized by one sect or religion, he was opposed by **ALL** and I mean literally ALL religions in the world. Why?? Because once you tell people that you are capable to experience God within yourself and LIVING not after death or in heavens or hells.. LIVING..Right now…, you make bunch of enemies. Because now they cannot fool masses making them fearing of God, heavens and hell – they cannot simply dominate. Osho showed a way of inner journey where people actually worked and realized whatever written in scriptures in REAL UNDERSTANDING and in REAL MEANING – Certainly not bookish!

    He never said to believe anything but to perform a practical without even a cent of belief in God or angels and see the transformation within. We all should remember that a Christ can make Bibles, Bible might not make always a Christ. A Paygambar can produce Holy Koran, Holy Korans cannot always produce Paygambars.

    It is not with one religion, all religions hate spiritual masters. Because they teach love and meditation or inner transformation. It’s a strange world where people follow war, dharma yuddhas, jihads, crusades very easily in comparison to path of love, devotion or compassion BASED UPON all scriptures are. Now anybody can open a page and can show me verse where ‘to kill’ and ‘to be killed’ type of words are printed but we even don’t know at which level it is talking about.

    Now coming to inner experience –
    You can perfectly criticize a meditator or Spiritual Master like Osho (and many have come in all the religions) but first follow their methods. Work honestly and I can bet you will never be upset with your own effort and God’s grace. You will understand the message better of him and of all holy scriptures’. Osho never claimed his body as God of which you are describing features. He said everybody’s including yours and of even animals’ soul is same God irrespective our states, religions or whatever worldly features. Just a master is aware of his eternal connection to God and we are not. And actually we can be connected anytime if we honestly try, anytime!

    And such a potent God as per your scriptures is not limited but is OF WHOLE UNIVERSE
    s, OF ALL CREATURES, of EVERYBODY’s and he cannot make such distinctions in front of his endless mercy like initiated and non initiated, believer and non believer, sinner and saint and so on..!

    We can’t even describe perfectly love and feelings inside heart of our mother or loved one in thousands of books and we assume we easily understand, interpret scriptures where divine love is praised by great people! Holy books are the place where our curiosity begins with grace of God and a spiritual master is end where you realize God that too by grace of God. Thank you and forgive me please if my words mean more than humble and true from the heart opinion for all my brothers and sisters.


  4. You fool, blind plus highly pessimistic thinker of the time who carry the corpse and corpse knowlegde. Kid thanks that allah whom you had never known in your life. Fortunately, You have never encountered with Osho, his penetrating eyes of truth only enough to make you shake!


  5. osho was a new prophet of Allah. He also taught to fall in love with allah alias paramatma. Osho’ & Muhhommad’ mission is same : to lead maximum humans to allah. but both of them not fully succeeded. bcoz both of them were in human body. hence both of them were bound to be imperfect .both of them were opposed & tortured by the then rulers & politicians. bcoz politicians deliberately want to hide the truth from common public since time immemorial.


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