Q. My name is M.D.Marathi – I am a technologist.…(*gives a background on theory of evolution)… ‘In this record of development, when did God originate? And for what purpose?’ No. 2… ‘the progress of science has made it possible’…

(Q contd…) (*Before I start, I just  like to explain, that I would like to take the audience  from the  sentimental plane to a more scientific and rational plane – I hope I have your permission, please. Today’s school books present the following information – ‘In the course of evolution – the animal – man, or Homo Erectus, evolved 2 billion years ago with the brain size of 1000 cc, against the size of 400 cc  of the Apes. Evolution continued  with the brain growing to 1400 cc, 200 thousand years ago, and these animals were known as homosapians. The present form of man was evolved about 35,000 years ago, and is known as   HomoSepians…Sepians. And Propologist have estimated that man developed a speech center in his brain 50,000 years ago. Now the question is…)

(Dr. Mohammed) [host]: Only one question sir

(Q contd…) This is in relation to that – if you cut it short or …

(Dr. Mohammed)   No, No….

(Q contd…) The answer will not be long – Give me time for the question…please… Ya…Ya…Okay. The progress of science has made it possible to clone all animals, including man, to produce any number of animals having all desired characteristics. If God ever existed… how  much of the power attributed to God is now left  with Him?

(Dr. Zakir) Sorry?

(Q contd…) If God is ever existed… how much of the power attributed to God is now left with Him? 3rd one : God is described as  ‘A Sea of Kindness and Mercy’ – Yet, all leaders of all religions, when faced  with the prospect of death, rush a hospital like the one  to  next door – and never to a  place of worship, where they preached all their life, – that  man lives and dies by  the wish of God – Is there any explanation for this phenomenon?

A. (Dr. Zakir): The brother has asked basically 3 questions First he gave, according to him, ‘the theory of evolution of man’ and said… ‘where does  God fit in?  Secondly, after God has created all these things, how much of His power has been reduced? Thirdly, that when you get sick you run to the hospital, not to the Temple or Church or Masjid – 3 parts of the question. He said the answer will be short – the question was long … so imagine to give a detailed answer will take time. Brother, I will like to tell you that what you quoted about the Homosapiens, etc. – You are talking about ‘The Theory of Evolution’, brother – theory of Evolution. I am a medical doctor – I have not come across a single book in my life which says…  ‘The Fact of Evolution’. It is ‘Theory of Evolution’. And even I know about the ‘Theory of Evolution’, and about the Darwin’s theory. Complete answer… refer to my video cassette, ‘Qur’an and Modern Science – Conflict or Conciliation?’ What Darwin said was only a theory. He wrote a letter to his friend Thomas Thompton in 1881 – ‘That I believe in this theory of natural selection because …I don’t have any proof…Only because it helps me in Natural Selection, it helps me in ‘Embryology, in classification in Rudimentary Organ. There is no book saying ‘the Fact of Evolution’ – All the books say ‘Theory of Evolution’. That’s why if we have to say to a friend that – ‘if you were present at Darwin’s time – Darwin’s theory would have been proved right. Trying to insinuate you look like an Ape. There were missing links – Darwin himself said ‘there were missing links’. You spoke about the ‘Homonoids’- You only spoke about one wave – I will tell you about all the four waves. The first wave was ‘Lucy’… Lucy. Lucy was first wave, which name three and a half million years. You talk about 2 million years. I am telling you what Scientists have said 3 million years ago. Lucy – It died of, by the Ices. The second came the ‘Homoerectus’… Homoerectus… about 500,000 years. After that came the ‘Neanderthal Man’ – The 3rd wave  about 40,000 years ago. And the last was the ‘Cro-Magnon’. But brother, there is no link between all these stages – It is only a hypothesis. According to P.P. Grashe… according to P.P. Grashe, who held the Chair of Evolutionary  Studies  in Paris, in Shojorn University, in 1971 – he said, ‘it is  letting our imagination run too wild – Just based on vestiges, to say who our ancestors were?  I do know there are some people who speak about Darwin’s theory – I am a medical doctor, I know about that – but do you know that there are  hundreds of Scientists who speak against it. A few scientists … few scientists speak in favour, – but there are more who speak against it. For the complete answer refer to my video cassette, ‘Qur’an and Modern Science’. There are few Scientists… because there is no ‘Fact of evolution’, they say… ‘Let us support a theory’. Qur’an doesn’t support any theory or hypothesis – Qur’an speaks about facts. So regarding your 2 million years – Allah Subhana Wa Taala – No beginning – when man came, no one knows the exact date – no one knows, …assumptions…assumptions…assumptions. But Qur’an says… ‘The first man was Adam (Alaysalam) and with it came Eve (may Allah be pleased with her)’. Man hasn’t reached that stage. There is not a single statement in the Holy Qur’an, which Science has proved wrong yet. Hypothesis go against the Qur’an – theories go against the Qur’an. There is not a single scientific fact, which is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an which goes against established science – It may go against theory. So brother, your thing is only supported by a few people – Not by the majority. Regarding 2nd part of the question, that… ‘If Allah has created all these things, how less His power has become?’. You can’t understand Him completely. As the Qur’an says in Surah Anam, Chapter No.6, Verse No.103… ‘He is beyond comprehension’. I can give you a simile – Not exactly same. An ocean – If you take a drop out of the ocean, how much does the level of the ocean go down? How much? How much? Yet…yet, inspite of this, the difference between Allah becoming less when He creates things, and the difference between the level of  the ocean becoming less is infinite. The level of the ocean may become .000000 somewhere .00 somewhere it will end. But Allah Subhana Wa Taala not even, and not even a bit, become less. He is ‘All Powerful’ – That is Allah Subhana Wa Taala. If such a God who becomes less… you do not worship such God who become less. He goes on creating – He will, sometime lose His power. So this God, He is Eternal, Absolute. As I said in my talk, He is Absolute and Eternal. Everything depends on Him – He doesn’t depend on anything. Where did Allah come? Allah was before the Universe was created – Does He fit in? Where did He get created? – He is uncreated. You are asking me the question when did He came into existence – He is uncreated. Its like you asking me – that when I tell that my friend – he told me, ‘That my brother, Tom, he gave birth to a child – Is the child, girl or a boy? I being a doctor, know very well that a man cannot give birth to a child – So where does the question come  – whether it’s a girl or a boy. So you are asking me when did Allah came into the picture? Allah is uncreated – because He is uncreated, the question doesn’t arise – When did He come? He is there – The question doesn’t arise. Regarding the third part of the question – that when people get sick, they run to the hospital – they do not run to the temple, they don’t run to the mosque, nor to the church. The brother, may not be knowing – all the people – I am a doctor, I know, that when the doctors give up – the thing   we doctors say – we doctors say. …Arabic…. ‘It is He who cures’. That doesn’t mean, if a person gets sick – only go the Temple. Because the Qur’an says in Surah Nahl, Chapter No.16, Verse 43, as well as in Surah Furqaan Ch. 25, Verse. 59, ‘If you are in doubt, go to a person who knows – who is an expert.

If you get sick, besides praying to Allah Subhana Wa Taala, go to a person who is an expert in medicine – go to a doctor.  Qur’an says that. But even after going to the doctor, have faith in Allah, because He is the person who cures you. He can cure you with a doctor or without a doctor. So Allah Subhana Wa Taala says. ‘We don’t believe in blind belief – No Muslim scholar will ever say, ‘if you are sick, don’t go to a doctor’. Go to a doctor, but finally the  Person who cures is Allah Subhana Wa Taala. That is why all the doctors when all their brain, all their science, and all the  medicines fail, they say… ‘it is only Allah who can save you’.


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  1. Perfect Answer Dr Sir…Sir Please Can You Help Me I Want To Convince My Friend About Islam He Gets Shocked When I Qoute Him Scientific Fact That Was Mentioned In Quran 1400 years Ago But He Ask Me A Question Who Created God So I Gave Him A Answer That God Is Uncreated And I Give Him Example Of John The Example That You Usually Give To The Person But He Says That It Is Illogical Example Sir Can You Help Me About That…Thank You


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