Q. Assalmu alaikum, I am Riaz Wadgaonkar… and a businessman. Sir, my question is – Allah is the most appropriate name for God – So besides Qur’an is it mentioned in any other religions scriptures?

(A)  (Dr. Zakir):– The brother posed the question that ‘

Allah Subhana Wa Taala’,as explained in my talk… is an appropriate name for ‘Allah Subhana Wa Taala’ – ‘Almighty God’. Is this name ‘Allah’ mentioned anywhere else in the other Religious Scripture? If you analyze, most of the Religious Scriptures which have concept of Almighty God – somewhere or the other, most probably, one of the attributes of God  Almighty is ‘Allah Subhana Wa Taala’. For example, if  you read the Bible – in the  Hebrew language, they call ‘God Almighty’ as ‘Elohim’. ‘Him’ is a sign of respect in the Semitic languages. So actually it is  ‘Elo’. ‘Elo’ for God. And if you read the Bible Old

We Muslims prefer calling God by arabic word Allah

Testament also, it says, for God,  ‘Elo’, or ‘Ela’. And in the English Bible, revised by Reverend Scofield – he gives the spelling of ‘Ela’ as alternatively, either as ‘El’ or ‘Elah’ or ‘Alah’. It is pronounced as ‘Elah’, ‘El’, ‘Elah’ or ‘Alah’. We Muslims when we write in English ‘Allah’, – we write ‘Allah’ But Reverend Scofield wrote ‘Alah’. They pronounce ‘Elah’, we pronounce ‘Allah’. When I was in school, I was taught T-O to, D-O… do, G-O… GO, is what? Not goo… it is go. I was taught B-U-T…  but, C-U-T… Cut, N-U-T… Nut, P-U-T… not Put…But. I said…‘What sort of a language is this?’ They said…‘No, you have to say B-U-T… but… not boot’. And if I have to pass the examination, even I say ‘BUT’ – ‘but’. Go – is not goo – it is go. I have to, because its their language. Similarly we know how to pronounce correctly – ‘Allah’. They say ‘Alah’- we say no problem. The right pronunciation is ‘Allah’. Later on when Reverend Scofield realized what he had done – that he is coming closer to the Qur’an – may be people took objection – In the Revised Edition that thing is taken out – ‘Alah’ is taken out. So now when you get those copies… English Bible – only ‘El’ and ‘Elah’ is there – ‘Alah’ is not there. But inspite of that, yet Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of Allah Subhana Wa Taala in every Bible, yet the name of ‘Allah’ is there. Because according to the Bible, when Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) allegedly he was crucified – its mentioned in the Gospel of Mathew, Ch. No. 27, Verse No. 46, as well as the Gospel of Mark, Ch. No. 15, V.No.34 – when he was put on the cross, he cried out ‘Elai Elai Lama Sabac thani’- so as to say ‘Oh God, Oh God, why have thou forsaken me.  ‘If you analyze and ask them that – what is, ‘Elai, Elai Lama Sabacthani’. It is a Hebrew quotation, but it has been maintained – even in the English Bible. It has been maintained. And then they translate… ‘Elai Elai Lama Sabacthani’… ‘Oh God, Oh God, why have thou forsaken me?’. Some people say… ‘the name of God is ‘Jehovah’. So I ask them, ‘does ‘Elai Elai Lama Sabach thani’ – sound like ‘Jehovah ‘Jehovah’ why has thou forsaken me? They say… ‘No’. Does it sound like ‘Jesus… Jesus (peace be upon him), why has thou forsaken me?’. They say… ‘No’. Hebrew and Arabic language are sister languages. If you translate… ‘Elai Elai Lama Sabactani’ into  Arabic… it is ‘Allah Allah Lama Sabachtani’.  Does it sound similar? – Yes! Why? – Sister languages.  And the best part of it is that, the Bible has been translated into more than 2000 different languages – and in every language, this quotation is verbatim… the same… ‘Elai Elai Lama Sabachtani’ Whether it is a  Tamil Bible, Chinese Bible, Hebrew Bible, any Bible – this Hebrew quotation has been maintained, and the  word ‘Allah’ (Subhana Wa Taala) is there, in each and every translation of the Bible. This word ‘Allah’, – the Guru Nanak, one of the attributes he gave to God, is ‘Rahim’- Also he gave ‘Allah’. If you read the Hindu Scripture Upanishad – one of the Upanishad is called as the ‘Allo Upanishad’, and God Almighty is called by ‘Allah’ several times. Even in Rigved…even if you read the Rigved, the  name of ‘Allah’ (Subhana Wa Taala) – one of the attributes is given in Book No. 2, Hymn No.1, Verse No. 11 – the  name – one of the attributes of God Almighty as, ‘Allah’. They write it as ‘Ila’. But when you pronounce it, we have to tell them – Pronounce  it as Allah. Hope that answer your question


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