Q. (from slip by Swati. S. Malik – She is an Engineer). As you mentioned in your talk, that Hindus say Sun, Moon, Snake and Monkey is, God. Basically its not like that – we Hindus don’t believe that the above mentioned things are God – But we believe that god is everywhere. God is in each and every thing, God is in goat, God is in air, in fire. Does Islam believe the same? If not, then why? What’s wrong in this?

A. (Dr Zakir): The question posed  was that they believe that the Moon the, Sun, the  trees they are’nt God… but God is present everywhere. Since God is present everywhere, …therefore we worship it. What does Islam believe? The Holy Qur’an says that ‘wherever you turn yours face, you will find Allah Subuhana Wa Taala – Allah is everywhere. But what does it mean? Are you talking – ‘Allah is present physically?’ 1st question is- ‘Is Allah physical?’ When Qur’an says Allah is everywhere – Do you mean to say  physical? My question is… ‘What do you mean Allah is everywhere? Is it physical?’.If physical – If you believe Allah is physical, then you should be able to see Him. No eye can see Allah Subuhana Wa Taala – Its not physical. The knowledge of Allah is everywhere…the knowledge of Allah is everywhere – Allah has power over all things – But physically, He is not everywhere. First of all – is God  physical?. So therefore the Qur’an gives the logic in Surah Shura, Ch. 42, Verse No.11, (Arabic)…. There is nothing unto Him – Nothing like whatever unto Him. So if you give physical natures to God that’s the reason you worship the ‘idol’. So I am telling  you – the moment you worship the Sun, do you mean to say ‘God is only there, and nowhere else?’ So even if I agree with you – ‘OK, you say God is everywhere – For the  sake of argument I agree’. But then you are worshipping only a  small part of God – The tree – very  small in the whole universe … speck.. That means in directly you are saying, ‘God is so small – Only in the tree, only in the snake’. So therefore if you have to worship – Worship the true God Almighty. Even though His knowledge is present everywhere, He is present everywhere – not in the physical form. Hope that answers the question.


11 thoughts on “Q. (from slip by Swati. S. Malik – She is an Engineer). As you mentioned in your talk, that Hindus say Sun, Moon, Snake and Monkey is, God. Basically its not like that – we Hindus don’t believe that the above mentioned things are God – But we believe that god is everywhere. God is in each and every thing, God is in goat, God is in air, in fire. Does Islam believe the same? If not, then why? What’s wrong in this?

  1. All qualities belong to Allah, all intelligence is his, all love is his, he is the most merciful, the most caring, forgiving…May Allah tallah the greatest be merciful towards mankind and bestow him the understanding and more and more love for himself.

    Dr. Zakir Naik, At first I would like to congratulate you on the intelligence and dedication which Subhan Allah Tallah has provided you. I have been listening to your lectures, explanations, q/a…I see great intellect but I also see a necessity(majboori) to win…I see that you get to know lot of things through these sessions but you would disagree and prove your point which does not necessarily satisfy everybody because of this necessity.

    Allah is omnipresent…his omnipresence cannot be denied. If you are unable to see that he can be present in you but still be identified as separate/higher/greater than you are missing the point. Your body is made of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen…when your body dies…they go into the environment…please note that as compared to your body the volumes/weight of existent H2/N in nature are in millions & billions of tonnes and still they make your body….as an analogy that Allah is so so big & still makes our consciousness…they(hydrogen/Nitrogen) dont die even if the animal/subject is finished(of course they will when He commands so)…here I am still talking about the physical realm only…Going further into the realm of Quantum physics, nothing is physical, it’s energy vibrating in its own place…solid is not solid…hence physical does not even exist…the solid is the result of the vibrational frequency of matter…Albert Einstein stated that space time continuum has consciousness as a property…so the whole universe has consciousness …although this consciousness is not a result of the universe…the same way if the animal dies the soul does not, or the man dies , the soul does not(just an analogy) …consciousness is separate from soul as well…

    Let’s say you are a Muslim(as its hard to be really called a Muslim), then you must be thanking Allah for the glass of water that he provides you…but with the logic you have provided Allah may refuse to accept your feeling of thankfulness since you are just saying thanks for a glass of water which is so small and you must now spend the rest of you life thanking for all the equivalent glasses of water that Earth has….but hold on…when you gonna thank for the rest of the things he has provided you.

    Definition of Energy – Energy can not be created, nor destroyed. It is the used to do all work, it moves into form , out of form, it is not affected by time.

    Definition of Allah – Allah can not be created nor destroyed, he causes all work to be done/or is the support for all work to be done, he has no form, but still is present everywhere.

    Still it would be incorrect to say Allah=Energy…(I can definitely talk further…but reason why I am writing to you is that it seems that you are more determined to prove than to spread the message)

    I completely disagree with Idol worship…but definitely when I look everywhere and look at the support of everything that exists(as a Physicist) I see Allah only(object=>matter=>energy=>intent-consciousness=>Allah)…Allah Taallah the greatest…is capable of being present everywhere & still be separate…please don’t misguide people….he is beyond the 64 dimensional matrix called Duniya(including jannah & hell and all other realms)….

    Don’t just try to prove your point to convert people…if standing on the stage you find somebody talking sense then Allah will be proud of you if you say they are right…if you still did not get the point…then you must spend some more time studying deeper…carry on what you are doing as it is good and Allah likes it…but please keep studying deeper…you are not complete yet…(neither am I)…May Allah tallah the most merciful guide us all towards himself and bestow us with lots and lots of love for himself.

    Kindly accept my humble apologies for any mistakes…if I seem to be talking out of ego anywhere kindly see me as your naive younger brother & forgive me…


      • I have read this explanation before. It does not explain anything and is confusing between analogical methods…even I say ooparwala …and raise my hands towards skies…when implying towards my great master but that does not change my understanding of where he is…

        Allah is capable of being present everywhere…and he is…he is higher than the consciousness which is present everywhere in this universe…


    • Allah (SWT) is Mustawi upon the Arsh and the evidence is as follows:

      ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنُ عَلَى ٱلۡعَرۡشِ ٱسۡتَوَىٰ

      [20:5] The Rahman (Allah, the All-Merciful) has made Istawa on the Throne.


    • Its is very different things brother, read the Bible and you will understand.
      Bible dont say we have 3 different gods, we have One and Only God. He has not 3 different forms. Father, Son and Holi Spirit is the 3 hypostases that Only One God can have.
      I’m not educated to be able to show you indicate what I mean. But I can give you this linki found to explain you to refer to the facts and words of a man that God enlightened him wisely.

      As saint Spirion said:.. The saint began, “God, who created heaven and earth, is One. He fashioned man from the earth and created everything that exists, both visible and invisible, by His Word and His Spirit. That Word, we affirm, is the Son of God, the true God, who showed mercy on us who had gone astray. He was born of the Virgin, lived among men, suffered the passion, died for our salvation and arose from the dead, raising the human race together with Himself. We await His coming again to judge all with righteousness and to reward each one according to his faith. We believe that He is consubstantial with the Father, dwelling together with Him and equally honored. We believe all these things without having to examine how they came to be; nor should you be so brazen as to question them, for these matters exceed the comprehension of man and far surpass all knowledge.”, Α’ Οικουμενική σύνοδο ,314 μΧ (First Ecumenical Council in 314 mX)
      Forgive my English brother, and hope you can understand what I want to say..


  2. Illogical. Hindu never means God is ‘only’ in the tree but ‘also’ in the tree or snake or idol. As you yourself say that God can’t be perceived completely any which way and so also in human eyes, it’s for the sense of satisfaction that a Hindu likes to connect n remain connected to God thru physical forms. If you deny that God is not in those physical forms, realise that your you’re giving a shape to God which is against the spirit of Islam.
    I can counter every logic of yours. Tell me where n when


  3. We as Hindu warship God in universal form. Please go through the gita, which says God (unmenifested) can not be expressed in word nor can it be imagined. Hindu philosophy is multidimensional it is out of your understanding.


  4. God is not someone or something. No one know what is god except particular assumption what it can be, they are trying to fly there flag high. Dr. Zakir is not experienced one, he is bookish and parrot who is good in byhard learning and vomiting out. Instead of searching for the experiencing truth. He have no thirst, he have no desire, personally he have nothing to do with god. He believes in quran and his ego will try to prove it right either wise he is wrong and he cannot gulp it down. His mind contain garbage of history not fact, he will give lecture but cannot give fragrances of experience.

    I look at him, I found nothing difference, no happy face but depressed, engrossed in ugliness of self centred third party knowledge.


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