Q. As-Salam Alaikum brother – My name is Farida Ansari – I am a laboratory technician. Qur’an says… ‘Allah is the Creator of the human being’ – Does science agree with it ?

A. (Dr. Zakir): The sister  has posed a question, that the Qur’an mentions that Allah (SWT) is the Creator of the human beings – Does Science agree with it? And Qur’an says in several places including the last verse of the Embryological stages, that is Surah Muminun, Ch. No. 23, V. No. 14, that… ‘Allah is the best to create’. Can we prove it scientifically that Allah is the Creator? Qur’an gives the answer… Qur’an gives the answer in Surat Tur, Ch. No. 52, V. No. 35. It poses a question – ‘that were you created from nothing?’ It poses a question – ‘that were you created from nothing?’ See… the Arabic word used for ‘Creator’, in all the verses of the Qur’an, is ‘Khaliq’… is derived from the Arabic word ‘Khalaqa’. Arabic word ‘Khalaqa’ has got four meanings. One meaning is ‘to create some thing from nothing’… without any previous example. That is only possible for Allah (SWT). Second meaning of ‘Khalaqa’ is… ‘to create some thing new from pre-existing material’. The third meaning is of ‘Khalaqa’ – ‘Programming’ or ‘Planning’. And the last meaning is, ‘to make smooth’. So Qur’an poses the question in Surah Tur, Ch. No. 52, V.No. 35, that… ‘Were you created from nothing?’ But natural the answer is negative… No –  Human beings are not created from nothing. They pose the next question – ‘Were you the Creators, or We the  Creator ?’ We know very well, that man cannot create another man. If  he could do that, the moment he died he would have  created himself back. If  his relatives would have died, he would have got them back to life. Human beings cannot even create living creature as such as fly, leave aside human being. Neither can you attribute the organs of the body , say… the reproductive organs, like testes or ovaries – that they are the cause  for our creation. Because if you say that the testes, the uterus, etc., are the cause, then you have to include your ancestors – their reproductive systems, their ancestors,  their ancestors, all are responsible. So the answer is negative. Qur’an poses the next question in Surah Waqiah, Ch. 56, V. No.  58 and 59… ‘that do you not look at the sperm you have emitted. Were you the Creator or we the Creator?’ And but natural all these questions  that Qur’an poses the answer is negative. Some people can say… ‘it is by chance’ – ‘By chance we were created’. They say… ‘Nature… Nature… Natural things’ – It happened by chance.

Let us analyse scientifically, whether the human beings can be created by chance. The protein molecule is a very important structure of the living cell -Very important part in the living structure of the cell. The protein molecule consists of five elements – the Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Sulphur. And there are tens and thousands of Atoms required to make one Molecule. One Atom has five elements  – Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Sulphur. There are tens of thousands  of Atoms, which make one Protein Molecule – And there are approximately 92 free elements. The chances that out of these 92, the five will form an Atom… and these atoms will form  tens and thousands of Atom, to form one Protein Molecule was calculated by Frank Alien . And he said… ‘the chances are 1/10 raised to 160’. You know what is the meaning of 1/10 raised to 160? If I say 1/10 raised to two, ten raise to two means, one zero zero zero. One in hundred –  Chance is one percent. If I  say 1/10 raised to three, it means one in a thousand – That is  1  percent. If I say 1/10 raise to four it means one in ten thousand – Means point 0.01%. So when the calculation was made, (1/10) raised to 160. It means point zero zero zero zero zero hundred and fifty seven zeros, then one. And mathematics tells, ‘anything  1/10 raised to fifty, is counted as zero’.  Further more, this is talking about one molecule. And the substance required to form this one molecule of protein was calculated by another person Charles Guy – that it will require millions of times of substance as huge as our Galaxy. Millions of galaxies will be required to form this one molecule of protein. And the time was calculated by Charles Guy – the time taken for one protein molecule to be formed, will be ten raised to 263 years. You know what is that? One zero zero zero zero zero  zero, 263 zeros, it will take to form one protein molecule. And do you know there are how many protein molecule in one cell ?  And do you know how many other molecules are there in the cell ? And how many cells are there in the human being ? There are more than six billion molecules when a child is born. That is what doctors tell us today, six billion. One protein molecule takes 1/10 raise to 160 chances. Time taken is ten raise to two hundred and forty three years. To take six billion for one baby imagine. And how many women are pregnant ? There are millions of women pregnant at a time – And it takes only 9 months. ‘The chances’… Science tells us, ‘is zero zero zero, no chance at all’. These things cannot take by chance – they have to be programmed by Someone. Science tells us… ‘There has to be Someone , some Supernatural force’. Therefore science as I said earlier, is not eliminating God’ – It is eliminating models of god. ‘La Ilaha IllAllah’. Hope that answers the question.


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