Q. As Salaam Alaikum, Zakir bhai – I was a Hindu first and I converted into Islam recently .What I would like to ask you a question is this- A woman who has it, is always… a when a woman is carrying a baby in her womb, Islam forbids abortion. But if a woman is facing some kind of a medical problem… if she is Anemic, or if she has just delivered a baby recently… in recent months to come, and there is always a threat to her life – Non Muslims doctors say… ‘to abort it’, and the Muslim doctor say… ‘It is haram’. And someone who is little bit modern, said that… ‘If the child is for 40 days in the womb… before 40 days, you can abort – If after 40 days it is not possible, you cannot do it under Islamic law – Is that right or is that wrong?

A. (Dr. Zakir): Brother has asked a question that… ‘Speaking today – Scientifically… the doctors who want to abort, etc.- why does Qur’an not give permission to abort, if it is danger to the life of the mother?. Qur’an speaks about abortion in Surah Anam, Ch.  6, Verse No. 151. as well as in Surah Isra, Ch.  17, Verse No. 31, it says… ‘Kill not your children for want of sustenance, for it is Allah that will provide sustenance to you and your children, for killing of infants is a major sin’. So abortion is haram under normal circumstances – Example, pork is  haram, alcohol is haram, having dead meat is haram. But same time the Qur’an says in four different places, in Surah Baqarah, Ch. 2, Verse No. 173, in Surah Maidah, Ch. 5, Verse No. 3, in Surah Anam, Ch. 6, Verse No. 145,  and Surah Nahl, Ch. 16, verse No. 115, it says… that if unwillingly if you disobey Allah (SWT) Allah is Rehman O Rahim’. If under compulsion, if you disobey Allah (SWT)  …Allah is Rehman O Rahim. If you are dying of hunger… pork is the only dish that you can have, pork becomes halal for you – It is perfectly allowed – but do not have so much, and keep on having after you do not require it. If you are in a jungle if pork is the only thing that you can find to eat… or in a desert- pork becomes allowed for you only for that time. When you come back to the city it becomes haram – So same way abortion. Just because you do not want a child… is haram – In Islam it is a major sin. But if it is a danger to the life of the mother, it is totally allowed – because in Islam the life of the mother is more precious than the life of the child which has not come in being on its own. I do know there are certain people, who say… ‘after 40 days its not allowed – before 40 it is allowed’. Qur’an is very clear cut on that – ‘ If it is a danger to your life… unwillingly if you disobey Allah (SWT), it  is totally allowed.’ So if the doctor says that if you have certain heart problems, and the labour pain will cause a strain on your heart… the mother will die – You have to abort. You have to go ahead with it, became in Islam you cannot sacrifice a greater loss, to save a small loss. The life of the mother who adult is more important than the child who cannot live on its own. In these cases if it is danger to the life of the mother, it is totally allowed in Islam – if it is not a danger, it is haram. Hope that answer to the question.


Q. My name is Mohammed Shahadat, I am a Chemical Engineer in Hindustan Petroleum. In Qur’an it is mentioned that…‘It is Allah who decides the characteristics and the personality of a person inside his or her mother’s womb’. In the field of genetics this field has advanced so much, that nowadays parents can tailor make their children – If they want to have a very bright student, they can have it by just having that genetic code change – Is’nt this contradictory with Qur’an?

A. (Dr. Zakir):  The brother has posed a question that… ‘today genetics field has advanced and its possible that we can change the genetics of the child that is going to be born’. Qur’an says that… ‘Allah is One who shapes who forms’. And I do agree with that – Qur’an says in several places – So does it not mean it is  not -contradicting the Qur’an? No brother, it is not – when it gives the statement … the Qur’an says… ‘Without the power of Allah, it is not possible – Without the power of Allah it is not possible at all’. For example… I will give an example… Qur’an says in Surah Rahman, Ch. 55, Verse No. 33, that… ‘With power and skill you will be able to penetrate the Heavens and the Earth , not without the permission of Allah (SWT)’. Means… you will penetrate the Heavens and the Earth, but only with permission of Allah (SWT). So today because people are going in the Heaven… does not mean that the Qur’an is wrong. Qur’an says… ‘You can do , but with the permission of Allah (SWT)’. Without permission of Allah (SWT)… it is predicting that people will go in outer space, in Moon, etc… but if Allah does not wanted, it can not happen .And you know the incidence of‘ Challenger’…‘The  challenger’ tried to take off – What happened?  It tried to challenge Allah (SWT)… What happened?… Nothing. Even today we say… ‘Family planing’. Do you  know there is no family planning which is perfect? Even if you do Tubectomy or Vasectomy… if Allah wants He can yet bring easy conception to that lady .Even if she practices permanent method like Tubectomy, or the husband does Vasectomy, still there are chances… but negligible chances , that the baby can be born. If Allah wishes no one can stop… you  do any family planning method. In genetics also, if they are able to change, it is with Allah’s permission – If Allah dose not want, you cannot change at all. So few people are successful – all are not successful. Those who are successful… are with the permission of Allah (SWT). Those who are not… Allah has not given them  permission. Same way… ‘Family planning’ – Those who are successful, Allah gives permission -those who are not successful, Allah does not give permission. Hope that answer the question.

Q. Asalam Allaikum brother Zakir – my name is Sanya, I am a revert Muslim. The question is – In your lecture you mentioned the scientific facts from the Qur’an, which have been established – Can you mention a few Qur’anic verses which Science has not confirmed?

A. (Dr. Zakir): Sister has posed a question that , I have mentioned in  my talk, the Scientific facts  which Science has already established , it is mentioned  in the Holy Qur’an. Can I mention some few points in the Qur’an, which Science has not established. For example the Qur’an says in Surah Shura, Ch.  42, Verse No. 29, it says… ‘It is Allah who has  created the Heavens and  the Earth, and put creatures… living creatures throughout them’ Qur’an says there is life besides this earth. Allah has put living creatures throughout the heavens and the earth – there is no scientific evidence… established scientific evidence, that there is life besides this earth. Recently, they have been sending Rockets and Space Ships to different planets… different satellites, etc. And now  just a couple months earlier, we read in the newspapers that they got certain material from Mars – which gives proof that life can be there in Mars. And in.. I think day before yesterday’s paper, I read in  ‘Times of India’, that they have found water in the Moon – may be a comet crashed and there is a big crater, and the water  has been frozen to ice. So in future it will be easier to do investigation – we do not have to take water from planet Earth to Moon. Water is already present there – we can use that water and it will save a lot of trouble. Science is saying there are high possibilities of life being there – besides earth. But since Qur’an says I believe in it. May be after one or two years, they may discover there is life besides this earth – or may be after fifty years. Today Scientists – they have given various views – how will our earth end? Some Scientists have given description – that the mountains will fall down. Some Scientists say the mountain and rock will become smooth when the earth is destroyed – Some people say the ocean will swell up. Some people say the universe will go in a black hole … Several. Qur’an too gives a description about the Day of Judgement – how will our creation end. Many of them match with the theories of Science – theories not established facts. Example, the Qur’an says in Surah Ahkaf, Ch. 46, Verse No. 3, ‘It is Allah who has created the Heavens and the Earth for a limited period of time’. And Allah will surely give you an indication that this creation will be destroyed  and gives various signs in the Qur’an. For example, if you read Surah Qiyamah, Ch. 75, Verse No.8 and 9, it says that… ‘the Moon will be burried in darkness – the Sun and the Moon will join together, before the world… our ends’. If you read Surah Takwir, Ch. 81, Verse No. 1 , 2, 3 and & Verse No. 6,  it says that… ‘The sun will be folded up, the stars will fall down, the ocean will swell up, the mountains will fall down in utter ruin’. Qur’an says in Surah Infitar, Ch. 82, Verse No. 1, 2 and 3, it says… ‘the sky will be left asunder the star will be scattered, the mountains will be fallen down’. Various signs,  how will the earth end is given. These are scientific points mentioned in the Qur’an, which Science has not established yet. For example, the Holy Qur’an also says in Surah Ambiya, Ch. 21, Verse No. 104, that… ‘As We created this creation…We will roll up the Heavens like a scroll is rolled up, and as we created the early creation, We shall create a new creation’. So Qur’an says…‘there is one more creation that is going to be created after the world is destroyed – Science does not know about that. Qur’an says the first man on the earth was Adam (Alai Salam) – Science has not discover that yet. Qur’an speaks about soul – Science has not established that human beings have got soul. The Holy Qur’an also speaks about Jinns, about Spirits, about Angels – Science has not been able to discover that. Qur’an speaks about life after death – Science has not discovered that. Qur’an speaks about ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ – Science has not discovered  about   that. But you may ask me the question – Brother Zakir, you have given such a good lecture, speaking about scientific facts – And you believe in ‘Jinns’, you believe in ‘Angels’, you believe in ‘Soul’, you believe in life after death are not you illogical? I will say… ‘No , I am not illogical’- I have got a logic why I believe. I do not blindly believe in life after death, in the ‘Soul’, in  ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’, in ‘Jinns’ and ‘Spirits’– I have a logical belief. I base my logical belief saying… ‘That suppose there are scientific facts mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, out of which say approximately 80% have been proved to be 100% correct. 80% of the scientific facts mentioned in the Qur’an have been proved by Science till today to be 100% correct.The remaining 20 % is ambiguous – unknown. Not even 0.001% have been proved false. Even if one verse is proved false , the Qur’an is not the word of Allah (SWT). So of these 20 % I say goes in the ambiguous slot … unknown. So my logic says … ‘When 80% is 100% correct, the remaining 20% is ambiguous, out of which not even 0.001% has been proved wrong, all are unknown – my logic says when 80% is correct, even those 20% will be InshAllah correct. It is not a blind belief – it is a logical belief.

Q. As-Salam Alaikum to everybody who are present here – My name is Kalim Shah. I am in practicing interior designing, here in Bombay. Qur’an have given all the minute details of Embryology, apart from a miracle called ‘Hazrat Adam Ale-Salam’. Is it not a contradictory that Hazrat Issa-ale-Salam is born without a father’s sperms – What is the exact scientific reasoning?

A. (Dr.Zakir):  The Brother has posed a question that , how can you prove scientifically the miracle of Jesus (peace be upon him) – that he was born without  a father – without male intervention . Brother as I said in my talk a miracle is an unusual event for which human beings cannot give an explanation. It is an unusual event which is attributed to Super Natural power – to God Almighty. The miracles which took place in the past – most of them does not give an opportunity to analyse them today – because we cannot go back in the past. We cannot go back in the past – there were few miracles, which give us an opportunity to examine. So all the Prophets of Allah (SWT) who came before Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) – they were only sent for their people… only for their people, and the message was for a limited time period. Therefore even the miracle was for a limited time period. What miracles they did then, satisfied those people. Those miracles – just by saying that Jesus Christ was born without any father, will not satisfy the unbeliever – Why? He cannot go back in time and verify. Because all the messengers that came before Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) – they were meant only for their time not for eternity. But Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) – he is the messenger of Allah (SWT) – who is the last and final messenger. He was not only sent for the Muslims or the Arabs – He was sent for the whole of humanity and his message is till eternity. Therefore the miracle , that he has brought, the Holy Qur’an, can be analysed even today – It is a miracle till eternity. Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) has done hundreds of miracles – Other miracles, which we Muslims believe – but we never emphasize that –  we Muslims do not boast… of that we Muslims only boast of this, because we cannot prove those miracles scientifically. But this  living miracle of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), which was given to him by Allah (SWT), can be analysed by us even today. So previous miracles time does not allow us to go back in time. If we could  go back in time we could have analysed how was he born without a father yet brother. I can yet give you a scientific explanation. I can yet give you. Today science tells us there are certain species which can be born without male intervention, and the best example is a male bee. The male Bee is the ‘Egg’ which has not been fertilized by a male. The Queen Bee which lays Eggs… which doesn’t get fertilized by the male – they are born as male. The female Bee is the ‘Egg’, which are fertilized by the male. So there are several animals today in this world, who are born without  fertilization. I do know that this thing takes place in lower animals – There is no proof in higher animals. Who does it? Science cannot tell us. Allah (SWT) does it so. When Allah (SWT)  can make this possible to happen in Isa Ale-Salam  when it is described in Surah Al-Imran, Ch. 3, Verse 45 to 47, it says…(Arabic)… ‘That behold the angels said to Mary – We give thee, you glad tidings of a word from him , his name shall be Christ , son of Mary , who will be held in honour in this world  and the  hereafter, and he will be amongst the companies of those  most righteous… those most righteous’. The verse continues…‘that he will speak to the people  in childhood and in maturity,  and will be among the people those who are righteous’. So Mary  (peace be upon her), asked… ‘How shall I have a son when no man has touched  me’. The answer is given… (Arabic). ‘When Allah decrees a matter, He just says to it ‘Be’… and it is’. I have given you a scientific explanation – when Allah can make it possible in a male Bee, it is very much easy for Allah to make it possible , even in this , in Isa Ale-Salam. For Him… Allah(SWT) to create a Jesus (peace be upon him) – …(Arabic….) ‘When He decrees a matter,  He just says to it ‘Be’… and it is’. For Him to create a million people like that , it is  just easy. It is a miracle – I am not telling you  Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), was born like that… like the male Bee – I do not know. I have given you scientific explanation. When it is possible there, why cannot Allah make it in the higher animal – the human beings. I hope that answer the question .

Q. As-salamalaikum – I am Abdul Samir – I am a student. In the Qur’an it is stated. that – ‘the hearts of the unbelievers are sealed’. But according to Science… ‘it is the brain that thinks, and not the heart’ – Your comment please.

A. (Dr.Zakir): The brother has posed a question – the Qur’an says that… ‘the unbelievers hearts have been sealed by Allah (SWT)’. Today science tells us… ‘it is the brain that thinks and not the heart’ – and I do agree with him. So isn’t the Qur’an unscientific, when it says that… ‘the hearts have been sealed’. And I do agree that Qur’an says in several places, including Surah Bakarah, Ch. 2, Verse No. 7 that… ‘Allah has sealed the hearts of the kafir people’. Its says… ‘that the seal has been put on the hearts’.

If you know, the Arabic word used here, is ‘Kalb’. The Arabic word ‘Kalb’ has got two meanings – one is ‘heart’, and the other is ‘intelligence’. If you translate correctly the Verse says… ‘Allah has sealed the intelligence of the unbelievers’. And it is scientifically proven, that ‘intelligence’ has to be sealed – not the organic heart. There was a person , who once posed me a question. Brother Zakir, I agree with you that ‘Kalb’ means ‘heart’ as well as ‘intelligence’. But one Verse in the Qur’an says… their ‘hearts’ are behind the breast – Then what you have to give the answer for that? And he was quoting a verse of the Qur’an from Surah Hajj, Ch. 22, Verse No. 46, which says… ‘that their eyes are not blind – it is their heart which is  in their breast which is blind’.

So Qur’an says… ‘the eyes are not blind – It is the heart which is within their breast which is blind’. Today Science tells us… ‘Eyes see, heart cannot see’  – So isn’t this Verse unscientific?. Here the translation has to be ‘heart’ – it cannot be ‘intelligence’. So I tell him – I agree with you that heart has got two translations, but the word used for  breast is ‘Sadar’. Sadar also has got 2 meanings  – One is ‘Breast’ and the other is ‘Centre’. You know how we have the head of a institution – We say ‘Sadar’ of the institution. That is how we have ‘Centre’… if we have been to Pakistan. How in India we have ‘Chowk’ – over there they have ‘Centres’. ‘Sadar’ so and so… ‘Sadar’ so and so, in Pakistan – ‘Centre’ so and so. ‘Sadar’ also means ‘Centre’. So the correct translation is… ‘the eyes is not which is blind it is the intelligence which is within their centre which is blind’. Say I started in my talk by quoting, the Verse of the Holy Qur’an from Surah Taha, Ch. 20, Verse No. 25 and 28 which says… ‘Rabbi Shruhali Sadre’. ‘O my Lord increase my breast for me’. ‘Rabbi Shruhali Sadre, Vayas Sirli Amre, Vahalul ugdatamilesahani Yafkahokhouli’. This was a dua made by Moosa-ale Salam , when he was asked by Allah (SWT) to go and deliver the message to the people. He asked Allah… ‘O my Lord increase my breast for me’. So ‘Breast’ is not the correct the translation. What is the ‘Breast’, going to do with the message. It means… ‘O my Lord increase my centre for me’. ‘Rabbi Shuharli Sadre vayas sirli Amre’. ‘And make my task easy for me’. ‘Vahalul Ugdatamileshani Yafkhahokhouli’. ‘And remove the impediment from my speech so that they will understand me’. As do you know Moosa-Ale-Salam was a stammerer. And if you know whether fortunately or unfortunately, even I happened to be a stammered – in childhood  I was a stammerer. Therefore in the beginning of every talk , and even in the beginning of this talk, I said…and  I made dua to Allah (SWT). ‘Rabbi Shuharli Sadre… O my Lord increase  my centre for me’- I am asking help from Allah (SWT). Increase my centre, and remove the stuttering  in my speech. Even today when I don’t speak on the stage ,  I yet stutter – It is Allah who helps me out on the stage. ‘Rabbi Shruhali Sadre’. O my Lord increase my centre for me, make my task easy for me and remove the barrier from my speech, and between me and the audience, so that they will understand me. Therefore scientifically… scientifically if you analyse the words of Surah Hajj, Ch. 22, Verse No.46, it says…‘It is not their eyes which are blind – it is their intelligence which is within their centre is blind’. Because they are not blind – The unbelievers can see – Saying… ‘they are blind’, is unscientific . Like the Qur’an says in Surah Bakarah, Ch. 2, Verse No. 18. It says…  It says… ‘that  deaf, dumb the blind, they will not return to the path’. ‘Summoon, Bukmoon, Ummyoon Fa Lahum layar jeoon’. ‘the deaf, the dumb, the blind, they will not return to the path’. It is not talking about physical deaf people – It is talking about the unbelieveres, who hearing they cannot hear, seeing the signs of Allah, they do not accept  the Qur’an. So Qur’an is more scientific. It says correctly… ‘they can see, the eyes are not blind – It is their intelligence within their centre which is blind’.

Q. I am Farzana Mulla. My question is with regard to the evolution of Homo-sepians – You have Charles Darwin in Science, giving an explanation that… ‘It is because of the process of natural selection, that the human beings have evolved’. Now this it seems to be in contradiction with the Islamic belief that we have – we are the children of Adam AlaihSalam – Now how can this be reconciled ?

A. (Dr.Zakir):   This is a very important question. No lecture of mine on this topic of ‘Qur’an and Modern Science’, is complete without this question. I have given this talk in various places in Canada, in U.S.A, in U.K, in Saudi – Never is this topic complete – never is the Question and  Answer  session complete, without this important question of ‘Theory of Evolution’… Charles Darwin. Sister has posed the question – how can you reconcile the Qur’an, with Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’? Sister, I have not come across any book which says… ‘Fact of Evolution’. All the books say ‘Theory of Evolution’ – there is no book  I have come across saying fact of evolution. If you read the book by  Charles Darwin ‘The Origin of Species’ – It says that… “Charles Darwin went on an island by the name of ‘Keletropist’ on a ship named as ‘HMS Beagel’ and there he found birds pecking at niches. Depending upon the Ecological niches they peck, the beaks kept on becoming long and short. This observation was made in the same species – not in different species”. Charles Darwin wrote a letter to his friend Thomas Thomtan, in 1861 saying ‘I do not believe in ‘Natural Selection’- the word that you use – I don’t  believe in ‘Theory of Evolution’ because I haven’t  got any proof. I only believe in it because it helps me in classification of Embryology, in Morphology, in rudimentary organs’. Charles Darwin himself said that , there were missing links. He did not agree with it – He himself said that there were missing links. Therefore , if I have to insult someone that if you were present at Darwin’s time this theory would been proved right, trying to insinuate that  he looks like an Ape. It is a joke we make. The reason that this theory in  most parts of the world – it is taught as good as fact – You know why? Even I was in school – I learnt about  Darwin’s theory – and even today they are taught – You know what the reason is  sister? The reason is because, that if you analyse, the Church… the Church was against Science previously – and you know the incidence that they sentenced  Galileo to death. They sentenced  Galileo to death – Why? Because he said certain statements in the Astronomy, etc., which went against the Bible – So they sentenced him to death , for which the Pope apologized  now. So when Charles Darwin came up with a theory which goes against the Bible, they did not… they did not want any sufficient proof – An enemy of my enemy is my friend. So all the Scientists… most of them – they supported the theory, because it went against the Bible – not because it was true. They only supported it because it went against the Bible`. All the stages  you have mentioned sister… all the stages…  ‘Lucy’ – there were four ‘Homonites’. Science tells us today that there were four ‘Homonites’ – first is ‘Lucy’ along with its guy ‘Dosnopytichest’, which died about 3 and a 1/2 million years – the Ice Age. Then next came the ‘Homosepians’, who died about 5  hundred thousand years ago. Then came the ‘Neanderthal Man’, who died hundred to forty thousand years ago. Then came the fourth stage, ‘the Cromagnon’. ‘There is no link at all  between these stages’ – According to P. P. Grasse in 1971 who held the Chair of Evolutionary  Studies in Paris, in Sojerion University. He said… ‘It is absurd – We cannot say who were our ancestors  based on fossils’. I can give you a list of hundreds of scientists and Noble Prize winners who speak against Darwin’s theory… Hundreds. If you know of Sir Albert George who got the Noble prize for inventing… for inventing the Vitamin ‘C’ – He wrote the book ‘The Can’t Ape and Man’, against Darwin’s Theory. Again if you read, Sir Fred Hoyle’s work – he wrote several works against Darwin’s Theory. If you know about Ruperts Albert, this person wrote a new theory of evolution against Darwin’s Theory. Its  unthinkable… you cannot think that we are created from the Apes. If you know of Sir Frank Salosbury… he was a biologist. He said… ‘It is  illogical to believe in Darwin’s theory’. If you know about Whitmeat… Sir Whitemeat, he wrote a book against Darwin’s Theory – He was also a Biologist. Several ! you can give a list of hundreds. Today it is taught in the schools – Why? … I told you – Media is in their hands. Otherwise there is no proof at all. There are certain proofs at lower level – an Ameba, at lower species level… Ameba can change to Paremishia. Qur’an does not say…‘Ameba cannot change to Paremishia’ – Qur’an does not say. If they have got proof… It cannot be possible… It is not against the Qur’an. But there is no proof at all. People talk about Molecular Biology Theory – they talk about Genetic coding. According to Henses Crake who is a authority in this field – he said… ‘It is unimaginable’. Again if you do that ratio, the probability of one DNA forming, ‘from Ape to  Human being, is again Zero’. If I start calculating, I think you will get bored again – You know the calculation. I told you… for one Protein Molecule, it is some what similar from one DNA. It is not possible at all. You know there is theory recently… ‘that homosexuality is Genetic’. And when I read  in the Times of India, I thought, surely the moment I attend the next lecture on Sunday at I.R.F, I will be asked this question. ‘If homosexuality is Genetic,  how can Allah blame us? – Qur’an speaks against homosexuality’. And I said that see…‘This is a theory wait till it gets established…It is a theory – don’t comment on that

Within just matter of span of just few months it was proved to be illogical – and the person who propounded this theory that… ‘Homosexuality is Genetic’ – he himself was  an Homosexual. Therefore I said, I am going to give my talk on scientific facts – not on theories and assumption. Darwin’s theory has not been proven…‘We have not been created from Ape’. There are hundreds of Scientists who speak against that and Qur’an speaks against that also. Qur’an says the first man was Adam (Peace be upon him). InshaAllah they will discover it 100 years afterwards, or may be a 1000 years afterwards. Today there are researches showing, that human being have been created from one pair again –  It is just a theory. It supports the Qur’anic verse that human beings have been created from one pair, male and female – It is just a theory, therefore I  do not quote that in my talk. InshaAllah it will be established 50 years afterwards, or 100 years afterwards. Then we will know that Qur’an conciliates with this part – So far it is not conflicting – It is not conflicting with established Science, at all. Hope that answers the question.

Q. Assalam Alaikum – I am Gulam Mohammed – I appreciate your explanation about the Bi-Sexual reproduction in animals. And my question is, can you support this change of sexes in animals and plants, with the change of Nutrients and Environment, with the Qur’anic versions, and also the production of fruits without fertilization ?

A. (Dr. Zakir):  That is right – Brother has asked a very good question. He has asked a question that scientifically can you prove that – there are certain plants he mentioned, and I can  mention more few also… Bananas, Papayas they are bi-sexual plants. So if  you heard in my talk brother, I made a statement that even the bi-sexual plants – they have got distinct characteristics of male and female. Regarding your question of ‘fruits’ – if you analyze the fruit is the product of  reproduction, it is the end product of reproduction of superior plants… of superior plants. The stage before fruit is the stage of flower – the flowers have got both, male and female stamen and ovules. Only after the pollen comes there do you get fruit, and then the fruit gives off seeds, etc – these are known as ‘Parthono Parpic’ fruits. Even in these, there is distinct characteristics of male and female. And the Qur’an rightly says in Surah Rad, Ch. 13, Verse No. 3, that… ‘We have created fruits in pairs, twos and twos’. Hope that answers the question.