Q. Assalam Alaikum – I am Gulam Mohammed – I appreciate your explanation about the Bi-Sexual reproduction in animals. And my question is, can you support this change of sexes in animals and plants, with the change of Nutrients and Environment, with the Qur’anic versions, and also the production of fruits without fertilization ?

A. (Dr. Zakir):  That is right – Brother has asked a very good question. He has asked a question that scientifically can you prove that – there are certain plants he mentioned, and I can  mention more few also… Bananas, Papayas they are bi-sexual plants. So if  you heard in my talk brother, I made a statement that even the bi-sexual plants – they have got distinct characteristics of male and female. Regarding your question of ‘fruits’ – if you analyze the fruit is the product of  reproduction, it is the end product of reproduction of superior plants… of superior plants. The stage before fruit is the stage of flower – the flowers have got both, male and female stamen and ovules. Only after the pollen comes there do you get fruit, and then the fruit gives off seeds, etc – these are known as ‘Parthono Parpic’ fruits. Even in these, there is distinct characteristics of male and female. And the Qur’an rightly says in Surah Rad, Ch. 13, Verse No. 3, that… ‘We have created fruits in pairs, twos and twos’. Hope that answers the question.


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