Q. As-Salam Alaikum to everybody who are present here – My name is Kalim Shah. I am in practicing interior designing, here in Bombay. Qur’an have given all the minute details of Embryology, apart from a miracle called ‘Hazrat Adam Ale-Salam’. Is it not a contradictory that Hazrat Issa-ale-Salam is born without a father’s sperms – What is the exact scientific reasoning?

A. (Dr.Zakir):  The Brother has posed a question that , how can you prove scientifically the miracle of Jesus (peace be upon him) – that he was born without  a father – without male intervention . Brother as I said in my talk a miracle is an unusual event for which human beings cannot give an explanation. It is an unusual event which is attributed to Super Natural power – to God Almighty. The miracles which took place in the past – most of them does not give an opportunity to analyse them today – because we cannot go back in the past. We cannot go back in the past – there were few miracles, which give us an opportunity to examine. So all the Prophets of Allah (SWT) who came before Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) – they were only sent for their people… only for their people, and the message was for a limited time period. Therefore even the miracle was for a limited time period. What miracles they did then, satisfied those people. Those miracles – just by saying that Jesus Christ was born without any father, will not satisfy the unbeliever – Why? He cannot go back in time and verify. Because all the messengers that came before Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) – they were meant only for their time not for eternity. But Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) – he is the messenger of Allah (SWT) – who is the last and final messenger. He was not only sent for the Muslims or the Arabs – He was sent for the whole of humanity and his message is till eternity. Therefore the miracle , that he has brought, the Holy Qur’an, can be analysed even today – It is a miracle till eternity. Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) has done hundreds of miracles – Other miracles, which we Muslims believe – but we never emphasize that –  we Muslims do not boast… of that we Muslims only boast of this, because we cannot prove those miracles scientifically. But this  living miracle of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), which was given to him by Allah (SWT), can be analysed by us even today. So previous miracles time does not allow us to go back in time. If we could  go back in time we could have analysed how was he born without a father yet brother. I can yet give you a scientific explanation. I can yet give you. Today science tells us there are certain species which can be born without male intervention, and the best example is a male bee. The male Bee is the ‘Egg’ which has not been fertilized by a male. The Queen Bee which lays Eggs… which doesn’t get fertilized by the male – they are born as male. The female Bee is the ‘Egg’, which are fertilized by the male. So there are several animals today in this world, who are born without  fertilization. I do know that this thing takes place in lower animals – There is no proof in higher animals. Who does it? Science cannot tell us. Allah (SWT) does it so. When Allah (SWT)  can make this possible to happen in Isa Ale-Salam  when it is described in Surah Al-Imran, Ch. 3, Verse 45 to 47, it says…(Arabic)… ‘That behold the angels said to Mary – We give thee, you glad tidings of a word from him , his name shall be Christ , son of Mary , who will be held in honour in this world  and the  hereafter, and he will be amongst the companies of those  most righteous… those most righteous’. The verse continues…‘that he will speak to the people  in childhood and in maturity,  and will be among the people those who are righteous’. So Mary  (peace be upon her), asked… ‘How shall I have a son when no man has touched  me’. The answer is given… (Arabic). ‘When Allah decrees a matter, He just says to it ‘Be’… and it is’. I have given you a scientific explanation – when Allah can make it possible in a male Bee, it is very much easy for Allah to make it possible , even in this , in Isa Ale-Salam. For Him… Allah(SWT) to create a Jesus (peace be upon him) – …(Arabic….) ‘When He decrees a matter,  He just says to it ‘Be’… and it is’. For Him to create a million people like that , it is  just easy. It is a miracle – I am not telling you  Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), was born like that… like the male Bee – I do not know. I have given you scientific explanation. When it is possible there, why cannot Allah make it in the higher animal – the human beings. I hope that answer the question .


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