Q. My name is Mohammed Shahadat, I am a Chemical Engineer in Hindustan Petroleum. In Qur’an it is mentioned that…‘It is Allah who decides the characteristics and the personality of a person inside his or her mother’s womb’. In the field of genetics this field has advanced so much, that nowadays parents can tailor make their children – If they want to have a very bright student, they can have it by just having that genetic code change – Is’nt this contradictory with Qur’an?

A. (Dr. Zakir):  The brother has posed a question that… ‘today genetics field has advanced and its possible that we can change the genetics of the child that is going to be born’. Qur’an says that… ‘Allah is One who shapes who forms’. And I do agree with that – Qur’an says in several places – So does it not mean it is  not -contradicting the Qur’an? No brother, it is not – when it gives the statement … the Qur’an says… ‘Without the power of Allah, it is not possible – Without the power of Allah it is not possible at all’. For example… I will give an example… Qur’an says in Surah Rahman, Ch. 55, Verse No. 33, that… ‘With power and skill you will be able to penetrate the Heavens and the Earth , not without the permission of Allah (SWT)’. Means… you will penetrate the Heavens and the Earth, but only with permission of Allah (SWT). So today because people are going in the Heaven… does not mean that the Qur’an is wrong. Qur’an says… ‘You can do , but with the permission of Allah (SWT)’. Without permission of Allah (SWT)… it is predicting that people will go in outer space, in Moon, etc… but if Allah does not wanted, it can not happen .And you know the incidence of‘ Challenger’…‘The  challenger’ tried to take off – What happened?  It tried to challenge Allah (SWT)… What happened?… Nothing. Even today we say… ‘Family planing’. Do you  know there is no family planning which is perfect? Even if you do Tubectomy or Vasectomy… if Allah wants He can yet bring easy conception to that lady .Even if she practices permanent method like Tubectomy, or the husband does Vasectomy, still there are chances… but negligible chances , that the baby can be born. If Allah wishes no one can stop… you  do any family planning method. In genetics also, if they are able to change, it is with Allah’s permission – If Allah dose not want, you cannot change at all. So few people are successful – all are not successful. Those who are successful… are with the permission of Allah (SWT). Those who are not… Allah has not given them  permission. Same way… ‘Family planning’ – Those who are successful, Allah gives permission -those who are not successful, Allah does not give permission. Hope that answer the question.


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