Q. Salamu Alaikum, brother Zakir. My question is, when Qur’an speaks so much about Science , then how come the Muslims are so backward in the field of Science?

A. (Dr. Zakir): Sister has posed the question, that when Qur’an speaks so much about Science – how come the Muslims are backward. Sister I would mainly blame the media. The media today is in the hands of the Westerners, the Europeans – It is in their hand, They have the Satellite, they have the Television, they have the CNN, they have the BBC- It is in their hand. The media is in their hands – and whatever you read in your school books, and books which we read in college – you will read there that… ‘from 8th to the 12th century it was the Dark Ages’. Dark …for whom? It was dark for the Europeans – not for the world. The Arabs and the Muslims, were very much advanced… from 8th to the 12th century -they were very much advanced. The Europeans were backward because… they said…‘dark for the world.’ It was not dark for the world – It was dark for the Europeans. With the limited instruments and technology what we had from 8th to 12th century- what discoveries the Muslim Scientists  made – it is unbelievable. Today, because Science is Advanced  we are making so many discoveries. There with the amount of limited facilities we had, the amount of discoveries Muslim Scientists made – its unbelievable. For example I quoted in my talk, that Ibn-e-Nafees…he discovered the blood circulation, But in the medical books and the books we read in school… who discovered blood circulation? William Harvey. Every one knows William Harvey-Noone know about Ibn-e-Nafees. Ibn-e-Nafees spoke about ‘blood circulation’, 400 years before – the Europeans later on picked up the books of the Muslims and re-hatched it… and said we discovered it. See… if you see the discoveries that Muslims have made. For example if you know Al-Idrusi – In 1154, he drew the first map of Mediterranean- the geography of the world – first. Mathematics – Muslims were far advanced in Mathematics. We introduced the Decimal point. Do you know, what we call the digits 1, 2, 3? The other ones are called as Roman numerical – it is called as Arabic numerals. Why it is called Arabic numerals?… Because the Arabs were the one who discovered it. The decimal point are the Arabic numerals. The person who first proved the Pythogoras theoram – he was Arab Thusy. We know about the Pythogoras theoram, but we don’t know about Arab Thusy. He said that… ‘The square of the hypotenuse was equal to the sum of the opposite two sides of the triangle’. Alberuni – he was an authority in Trigonometry. All these people they were experts. If you know of Al-Khindi… Al-Khindi, he was a Philosopher, a Mathematician and Astronomer. When great scientists like Galileo , Newton, etc., they  said that all physical laws were absolute – he said that all physical laws, are  relative. And today we know that, ‘Theory of Relativity’ is proved by Albert Einstein. No one knows about Al-Khindi – He was the person , who basically gave the idea of ‘theory of relativity’. Later on he did more research and talked about ‘Theory of Relativity’. Who knows about  the three brothers  Mohammed , Shakir  and Hassan? Who knows about them?… They toured the surface area of the earth from a angle at the Red Sea… when  people  thought the world was flat. Chemistry –  the Muslims were far advanced in Chemistry. Ibn-e-Hayan, Jabir Ibn-e-Hayyan… they have latinized the word ‘Ghebar’- So when we read in our tent books Ghebar’, we think it is an European. It is a Muslim. Jabir-Ibn – E-Hayan… you know ‘Ghebar’ – you do not know… we do not know who is Jabir. He is the person who distilled Alcohol. ‘Alcohol’ comes from the Arabic word ‘Algul’- meaning ‘Ghost’, ‘Evil Spirit’. ‘Alcohol’ is an Arabic Word. He wrote 2 thousand different pages only on Chemistry. Mohammed Zakariya Razi – he was famous in Medicine – He was authority on the field of Small Pox and Measles. He was the first person who used Mercury ointment. He wrote books on children’s disease. There are several  Muslim Scientists. Ali-Ibn-E-Abbas he wrote  twenty volumes on Medicine. Ali-Ibn-E-Sina known as ‘Albesina’ …‘Albesina’, it doesn’t not sound Muslim. Ali-Ibn-E-Sina … yes Muslim – ‘Albesina’… not Muslim. Who got the title of ‘Aristole of the East?’ He wrote the book ‘Kanoon’, which was referred as a text book of medicine till as late as seventeenth century. Who knows Ibn-e-Zuhoor ? He was the person after Alexander who did research on Paracytology. He described the ‘Itch Mite’… the Parecaditis. He described the Otydismedia, Intrycosetomy. Several medical doctors Al-Zaharwi… Al-Zaharwi was the famous dentist, as well as surgeon as well as Optitician. He invented several  instruments  of Surgery, Gynecology  as well as Dentistry. We all of us know the other thing but the media is in the hands of the Westerners. The Muslims were far advanced. But I do agree with you- today… today  the Muslims are getting backward in Science- You know why? The Europeans are being advanced – You know why? The Muslims are recoming backward, because they are going away from the Holy Qur’an – they are going away from their Religion. And do you know why the Europeans are getting advanced? They too are going away from their Religion. The Europeans are also getting advanced, because even they are going away from their religion. The Muslims they are going backward because they are going away from their religion. I would request the Muslims brothers and sisters out here, as well as Non-Muslims -there are people reading the Qur’an… Why don’t we read the Qur’an with understanding? Why don’t we ponder over the verses? We have only kept the Qur’an for kissing, and keeping on top. That  is all… the Qur’an was not meant for it to be kissed, and kept on top – It should be implemented in your daily life. If you implement the Qur’an in your daily life, read it with understanding , Inshallah again we will be on  top of the world. Hope that answers the question.


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