Q. Good evening every body, I am a student of Saboo Siddique – My name is Harsh Waghela. I want to ask the question, that after the death of human being, dead body should be burnt out, or should be buried?

A. (Dr.Zakir): The brother has posed a question that after human being dies – Should his body be burnt or should it be buried ? Let  us analyze it scientifically, which is more appropriate. Brother as I told in my talk, during the question answer time  I believe, that the elements, the constituent, of human beings is present in lesser or greater quantity in the soil, in the earth. So we are created from earth we should go back to the earth – it is logical. Its more easier for us to go back into the earth point number one. Point number two is, that if you burn a body there is pollution, there is environmental hazard… environmental hazard is there – when you bury a body there is no environmental hazard. In fact, the place where you bury… point number three, the ground and the surrounding ground becomes more fertile. Point number four , it is very cheap to bury. We do not require any money – Earth is freely available there are graveyards. But to cremate… to burn , you require tons and tons of wood. Therefore, every year if you see statistics, our government goes in loss of millions of rupees, because they are burning wood loss to environment, environmental problem, hazard, and plus waste of money. If you calculate the amount of people that are dying – amount of people we are burning it is a loss of money, hazard to the environ­ment , it is much more logical and scientific to bury the body than to burn. Hope that answers the question.


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