Q. Salam Alaikum, brother Zakir – My name is Malika Mohammed Islam. My question is that, what does the Qur’an mean when it says that Allah send down Iron from the Heaven?

A. (Dr.Zakir): The sister has asked the question – what does the Qur’an means when it says, that Allah has sent down Iron from the Heaven. The Verse that sister is referring to the Holy Qur’an is in Surah Hadith, Ch. 57, which means ‘Iron’, Verse 25, which says that… ‘Allah has sent down Iron , in which there is material for war and various benefits for the human being’. The Arabic word used for ‘send down’…. is ‘Anzala.’ – It means…‘to send down’. Now ‘Anzala’ can be looked at in two different ways. One way is… ‘Allah has sent down’‘Allah has revealed’… So Allah has revealed that in ‘Iron’ there is a lot of use and material for mighty war , as well as benefits for human kind. Allah has revealed this – that in ‘Iron’ there is material for war and various benefits And we know today that iron is one of the most important metals we know of – from it we get ‘Steel’. And Steel and Iron is used for making instruments of war, like weapons swords, spears, guns, etc. It’s even used for making instruments of peace , like brick layer, instruments of an engineer, instruments of an architect, knife, fork, spoon, etc. So if you read the first meaning, it says  that… ‘Allah has revealed that in Iron there is various benefits and material for mighty war’. The other way, if you take it literally, that… ‘Iron has been sent down…  been send down from Heaven’. This verse was shown to Professor Armstrong… that what you do have to comment on Surah Hadith, Ch. 57, Verse No. 25, which says that… ‘Iron has been sent down from Heaven’. So he tells us that it is recently  that the Scientists have come to know about the formation  process, of various elements. And they say that the energy required to make one Atom of Iron, it is so enormous that the   energy of the whole Solar System is not sufficient. And a calculation was made that energy four times that of the Solar System is made to produce one atom of Iron. Means, the energy of the Moon, the Stars, the Sun all this energy… if we take of the planets, etc . only the planet of the Solar System and the Sun and the Moon, it will not be suffi­cient to produced one Atom of Iron. Scientists today tell us that iron is an extra terrestrial metal, which is confirming the Qur’a­nic Ayat… if you take it literally, that Iron has been send down from the Heaven.


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