Q. Salaam Alaikum, My name is Faisal – How scientifically or logically can you explain that Allah (SWT) being Omniscient… that is knowing the past, present, future and every thing – send Scriptures before the Qur’an – Why did not He send the Qur’an itself?

A. (Dr.Zakir). Brother has asked the question – that why did Allah (swt),  did’nt send Qur’an earlier. Why did He send the other revelations first… and then the Qur’an ? It  is like you asking me, that… ‘Why didn’t you first teach me medicine? Why I had to go to standard one, standard two, standard three, and then do my medicine?’ – You have to go in stage wise. All the previ­ous revelations that came before the Qur’an, as I mentioned earli­er were send only for those people and for a particular time period. The Holy Qur’an is send to the whole of human kind, and its message is meant till Eternity. Therefore, the previous reve­lation that won’t be preserved. Allah thought it right – He has Divine knowledge – He knows when to send the final Revelation – Not that he could not sent it earlier. Like the teacher knows how much to teach to a student – Should not go beyond the level. So Allah thought it fit, that humankind may be had reached that level, were I can reveal the final Revelation. Allah knew that may be pre­viously, the time was not right – therefore all the previous revela­tions – none of them have been preserved except the Holy Qur’an. Because Qur’an is the last and the final Revelation and it proved itself to be ‘Word of God’. It proved itself 1400 hundred years ago- will prove today- and will be able to prove till Eternity, Inshallah.


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