Q. We have talked about Astronomy – What is the reference towards Astrology, and effect of the position of Stars and Planets on human life. The Hindu mythology and belief, lays a lot a stress of ‘Janampatri’ and Palmistry – Your comments please.

A. (Dr.Zakir): Question posed  is ,  the Qur’an speaks about Astronomy – What does the Qur’an speak about Astrology – Like looking at the stars and  ‘Janampatri ’, fortune telling, etc. The Qur’an says in several places including Surah Maidah ,Ch. 5, Verse No. 90, it says… (Arabic )… O you who believe, (Arabic )…Most cer­tainly intoxicants and gambling, (Arabic)… dedication of stones , divination of arrows,
 (Arabic )… these are Satan’s handy work – Abstain from such handy works, that you may prosper. The Qur’an says that… ‘Do not indulge in fortune telling’. It does not say whether fortune telling can be right or wrong – It says…‘ Do not indulge in it’.
And we know there are may people who can look at the palm and predict your future… by looking at the Stars, and we know most of it is fake – You know most of it is fake. You go to a computer… put you date of birth, and you get the answer. There was a research done by a professor, to just show to the people, what did he mean. He taught a class room of hundred students for 7 days. At the end of the seven days he said… ‘I have come to know the nature of all the students. I will write each one’s nature on a piece of chit and give it to him , and when I say open the chit, open it simultane­ously and give your views’. So he wrote a chit of paper, and gave to every student what his nature is –  and what has he done in the past, what has he done so far. So all the students, they opened the chit – and do you know that more then 90% said that ‘the teacher was 100% correct’. The remaining 10% said he was 90% correct. The experiment was –  the teacher wrote the same thing for all the 100 students. You know there are certain things – if I will tell you…‘In the next six months, something good is going to happen to you’. Even if 100 bad things happen – one good thing is going to happen – So it is no prediction. It is just making a fluery of the people. Most of these people who say that…‘We can predict’. You know what they say… ‘See… See, all the other people… all the other people who predict future are false –  but the one which I go to – he is 100% correct’. Everyone says that, and they take them for a ride – Just to make money. Qur’an does not say whether it is right or wrong –   Qur’an says…‘Do not indulge in fortune telling’. It does not say…‘No  one can tell about this or that’ – It says.. ‘Do not indulge, it will cause you more harm’. Hope that answers the question.


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