Q. As-Salam Alaikum, brother Zakir Naik – Educated people does not believe the ‘Qayamat’, the last day which is Judged by Allah. Obedient of Allah goes to Heaven, disobedient… that is… sinners goes to hell.

A. (Dr.Zakir):   The brother has posed a question, that educated people do not believe in ‘Qayamah’…the day of resurrection and life after death, etc., that the world is going to end, etc.- So how will you prove to them logically or scientifically about Qayamah, about life after death, etc. Brother one way as I said earlier, that if 80% of the Qur’an has been proved to be 100% correct  , and the remaining 20% is ambiguous… my logic says, that even this 20% will be correct. That is the answer that I gave earlier. There is another way you can prove to these educated people , by asking them a simple question. You ask him  the question…‘Is robbing good or bad?…  Robbing, is it good or bad?’ The brother is saying… ‘It is bad’. Is raping good or bad? ‘Bad’ – the brother is saying ‘Bad’. What I ask the question to these educated people, who do not believe in Qiyamah, who do not believe in life after death. I tell them… ‘Can you give me one logical reason why robbing is bad?’ Only one – Can you give me one logical reason why it is bad ? if you ask a person…‘Why not to rob?’- they give various reasons… that if you rob  it hurts the feeling of the other person. See I am telling you, I am a smug­gler… Suppose I am a smuggler – You prove to me why robbing is bad. See I am not bothered whether it is harming the other person or not – No one can harm me. If I rob if I take out a thousand rupees from the wallet of a man  passing by  – I can go to Delhi Darbar, I can have dinner, I can have lunch, I can go to movie, I can enjoy life – It is good – why it is bad ? Some people  will say… ‘If you rob – someone else, some day someone  will rob you- No one can rob me – I am a Mafia. I have just a example – I am Mafia – I have got  thousand body guards – All with AK47, all with AK47. No one can harm me – I can harm them…I have got thousand body guard, all with AK47 – No one can harm my family – My family is guarded. I want to ask the question you prove to me robing is bad . One logical reason,  not two – Why it is bad, and I will stop it immediately. I am a logical person – I believe in science, as you said I am a logical person – I believe in science – You prove to me why it is bad. Some may say that…‘ See, it is against humanity’. I ask… ‘Who wrote this book called humanity ?… Who wrote it ?’ I do not believe in it –  I am enjoying life. When I rob thousand rupees, when I rob 1 lakh rupees , I can enjoy life , I can buy a new flat. I can go abroad, and no one can harm me be­cause I am a Mafia. Some people will say…‘ The police will catch you and put you in the jail’. I say… ‘ I have got the police in my pocket, I have got the ministers in my pocket. And you know that throughout the world, there are various top smugglers who have got the police in their pockets – they have got ministers in their pockets, no one can harm them. Throughout the world you have got example , I am saying…‘ I am such a Mafia – You prove to me why it is bad, and I will stop robbing. And this question I have posed to thousands of people in audiences. Whatever answer they give – it does not satisfy logi­cally. So I tell them… ‘Okay, now you become that Mafia… and I will try and convince to you –  why robbing is bad, why raping is bad.’ So he  is happy… now Zakir took me for a ride, now we will take Zakir for a ride. So I tell them the reason why robbing is bad. May be you are a Mafia, no one can harm you. I agree with you, no one can harm your family, but if you rob – you go against the commandments of Allah (SWT) and in the Hereafter you will get punishment.In this world you may have the police in your pocket, you may have the minister in your pocket – but in the Hereafter you will be held responsible. I am asking you a question, that your human law… you talk about a human law… Now I am speaking as a Muslim – Now you are the Mafia. I am speaking as a Muslim, and convincing you of  ‘Qayamah’, and life after death. I am telling you that if you are a Mafia and you kill many people, you may get saved in this world, not in the Hereafter. I asked a question, that suppose there is a smuggler who has killed hundreds of people – do not you think he requires punishment? He requires – Where will he get it? We see many smugglers lead a luxurious life – they have got palaces, they enjoy life – and they die a very good death. Some people die a bad death, some people die a good death – Do not you think they require a punishment?  Hitler –  Do you know Hitler?… Hitler incinerated 6 million Jews. He burnt 6 million Jews alive – Do you know that ? Even if you say 6 lakhs, I agree with you?  -You say 6000 I agree with you. I am asking the ques­tion,  if your law catches Hitler what punishment can you give him? What punishment? Worst you can do is incinerate him, you can burn  him – But that will compensate  only for one death.  What about the other 5  million. 9 hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety nine deaths. But in my logical case, in the Hereafter, Allah will put him in the Hell. And Qur’an says  in Surah Nisa, Ch. 4, Verse  56, ‘As to those whose reject Our signs,  We well put you in hell fire, and as often as your skin will roasted, We shall give you fresh skins’. If Allah wants, He can burn Hitler 6 million times – He can even burn Hitler, 12 million times. Therefore without a Hereafter, there will be no morality in this world – So raping is bad. Why? – Because if you get saved in this world you will it pay in the Hereafter. Hope that answers the question.


One thought on “Q. As-Salam Alaikum, brother Zakir Naik – Educated people does not believe the ‘Qayamat’, the last day which is Judged by Allah. Obedient of Allah goes to Heaven, disobedient… that is… sinners goes to hell.

  1. awesome answer…superb….Alllah bless Dr. Zakir naik…its admirable the way he answered the question and very beautifuly he were able to arrange the answer with quranic vers in right in right place…..as i am a very big fan of him…i always like him the way he answer…..May Allah grant him to jannah…ameen.


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