Q. The next question from the slip is – Advocate Abbas Hetavkar – He asks…‘ The world is threatened with the menace of AIDS . It is not known how to deal with it – Does Qur’an throw any light on its causes and prevention?

A. (Dr.Zakir): The question posed was  that we are threatened with AIDS‘Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome’ – Does Qur’an throw any light on that? If you happen to know, that the first International Aids Conference – it took place in our city of Bombay in 1994 –  in Hotel Oberoi Tower. First International Conference on AIDS… and Dr. Michael Mercen – he was the person who headed it. He was from WHO… World Health Organisation. At that time he said… ‘There were about eleven million cases of AIDS detected – out of which 1.6 is present in India, and at the end of the century, there will be 40 million cases of AIDS in the world… out of which 11 million will be in India’. More than 25% will be in India and he said  that… ‘Within 5 years time, the next 5 years, there is doubtful of any cure’. No one will know how to cure this – Best is – Prevention… Prevention is better than cure’ – and the reason for this AIDS he gave as – one is homosexuality, other is hetrosexuality, unsafe sex, that is Adultery, 3rd is using needles for drugs, blood transfusion, etc., and fourth is associated with Alcoholism. If you analyse Qur’an throws lights on most of these topics. Qur’an says in Surah Araf, Ch. No. 7, Verse No. 80 and 81 that… ‘We sent Luth (Ale- Salaam) Prophet Luth (peace be upon him) to the people, and he said to them…‘Do you practice lewdness which no one has done before. You prefer in lust men, over women. You have indeed gone far beyond the limits’. Luth (Ale-Salaam) says that these people used to practice homosexuality. And you know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah – and how Allah (SWT) sends brim stones on them. Homosexuality is prohibited in the Holy Qur’an. But now we find in the modern world, they have legalized Gay marriages – Do you know that? When I was in Canada, it came in front page –‘Man and man kissing each other’… husband-wife. Legalized Gay – Homosexuality, legalized. The Gays – they take out a procession for their rights – ‘Gay rights…’ Headquarter at SanFrancisco, etc. One of the reasons of Homosexuality  – then comes adultery. The Qur’an says in Surah Isra, Ch. No. 17, Verse No.  32. It says that… ‘Come not close to adultery…  it is an evil, opening other routes to evil – Come not close to adultery’. And do you know – in America a man has eight different sexual partner on a average, before he settles down with one perma­nent life partner. On a average eight – some may have twenty, some may have thirty , some may have one, some may have two, on a aver­age eight sexual partners, before they settle down with a permanent wife. Do you know this?… It has  been legalized there – Qur’an is against adultery – totally against adultery. And  one of the cause of AIDS it is – prostitution – Do you know what we medical doctors call them? ‘CSW’– You know what is ‘CSW ’? ‘Commercial Sex Worker’ – We give refined words for these. And accord­ing to Dr. Gilada, in that conference he said…‘ 50% of the commer­cial sex workers of Bombay had, AIDS – By end of the century 90% will have AIDS.’ There is no place for prostitution in Islam. And most of the people going to prostitutes the report said… ‘Were between 15 to 24 years – young people’. Our beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAS)(peace upon him) he said, it is mentioned in Sahih Bukhari, Volume No. 7,  Ch. 3, Hadith number 4.  He said…  ‘O ye young people who ever has the means to get married, get married for it will help, to lower your gaze’. Marrying early, is preferable in Islam. It will prevent adultery, it will prevent promiscuity, it will prevent Homosexuality. There­fore our Prophet   said… ‘Marriage completes half your deen’. Coming to the last reason he gave… ‘Associated to Tuberculosis, as well as Alcoholism’ Major people that go to the prostitute 95% they have Alcohol … Alcoholics. Qur’an says, as I mentioned earlier in Surah Maidah, Ch. 5, Verse No. 90. It says…(Arabic)…  ‘O you who believe, most certainly intox­icants and gambling,  (Arabic)… dedication of stones , divination of arrows,  (Arabic)… these are Satan’s handy work.  (Arabic….) Abstain from such handy work, that you may prosper’. Today the medical doctors they say… ‘Do not call them drunkards – Alcoholism is a disease – Treat them like  pa­tients’. You know that’s the terminology we use in the new books of medicine. Alcoholism is a disease. How you treat the patient of Tuberculosis, of Cancer – Do not blame the Alcoholics – Treat them as patients , it is a disease. I tell them, that if Alcohol is a disease , it is the only disease sold in bottles. It is the only disease advertised in the Newspapers, in the Magazines, in the Radios, as well as the Television. Our government has a law, that you cannot advertise anything like…Alcohol. So, You know what they do? – Bagpiper Soda… who drinks Bagpiper Soda. It  is there – People know it is Bagpiper whisky – It Is not Bagpiper Soda. I saw an Ad. – London Pilsner or some other Alcohol company – Glass… Glass… Ad. for Glass. Any logical person will know it is an Ad. for that Alcohol. So they are taking our government  for a ride – these ads are allowed even on the television you see. If alcohol is a disease, it is the only disease which gets revenue for the government . It is the only disease which has got licensed out-lets. It is the only disease which has got no Viral or germ cause. It is the disease which cause violent deaths on the highways. It is the disease which destroys the family. The Qur’an says… ‘ It is not a disease’. It says… (Arabic)… ‘These are Satan’s handy work… (Arabic)… Abstain from this handy work , that you may prosper’.


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