Q. As-Salam Alaikum – Can you please comment on artificial insemination and test-tube babies?

A. (Dr. Zakir): Sister has posed a question, can I comment on artificial insemination and test-tube babies. Whether it is allowed or not in Islam –  That is what she  means. Sister,  artificial insemination is of two types – One is ‘Homogeneous’ and the other is ‘Heterogeneous’. ‘Homoge­neous’ means – ‘Using the sperm and the ovum of the husband and wife’. If suppose the wife or the husband has certain medical problems and if you know by doing Homogeneous artificial insemination they can give birth to a child, It is perfectly allowed. But Heteroge­neous artificial insemination, in which you get a sperm, from a sperm bank – it is totally haram. How you have ‘Blood Bank’ – Here today you also have ‘Sperm Bank’ – You cannot go to a sperm bank and get a sperm, and use it in your wife – That is ‘haram’. So homogeneous artificial insemination is allowed, Heterogeneous is not allowed. Same way, for the test tube babies or whatever – If it is of the husband and wife, its totally allowed – if it is not of husband and wife, it is not allowed – It is as good as adultery. Hope that answers the question.


7 thoughts on “Q. As-Salam Alaikum – Can you please comment on artificial insemination and test-tube babies?

  1. I have three daughters. Can we go Gender Selection through IVF. My wife is deeply depressed because of her own wish to have a baby boy. Please answer specifically.


  2. What does Quran says about test tube baby?
    I don’t answer from the point of view of Dr.Zakir Naik.
    *I need the answer only from Quran or Hadhees.


  3. Would you please do me the favour of explaining to me why the heterogeneous is has an considering that technically there is no zina committed?


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