Q. My name is Roshan Rangwala – a businessman. Question is, Dr. Naik, as you said that… ‘Islam gives equal right, to both ladies and gents’ – then why man is allowed to keep 4 wives, and ladies are kept away from this privilege. As men can think of another woman… at the same time after marrying one wife, man can think for another woman – why ladies cannot think for another?

A. (Dr. Zakir): The brother has asked the question, that since Islam allows ‘Polygeny’, then why does… why does not Islam allow ‘Polyandry’ – A man is al­lowed to marry more than one wife… why is not a woman allowed to marry more than one husband? Firstly you should realise, that man is more sexual than the woman. Point number 2… Biologically, a man can perform his duty as a husband, even after he has more than one wife… which a woman, if she has more than one husband, she will not be able to perform her duty, as a wife, enough and satisfactorily. Medical Science tells us that… ‘The lady… during her menstrual period, undergoes certain behavioral and psychological changes… in which she is mentally disturbed and therefore… the majority of the quar­rels, the majority of the quarrels that takes place… during the menstrual period. Accord­ing to a report of the criminal record of the women in USA, most of the ladies that committed the crime, was during the menstrual period. Therefore for a wife, if she has more than one husband, to mentally adjust will be more difficult. Medical science also tells us… ‘If a lady has more than one husband, she has chances of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, as well as venereal diseases – and she can transmit it back to the husband… which is not the case if a husband, has more than one wife. And suppose, a man who has more than one wife, if he marries and if he has children, the identification of both the parents is possible – The father can be identified, and as well as the mother can be identified. In the other case, if a wife has more than one husband, you will only identify the mother, not the father. Islam gives utmost importance, to identification of the parents. And Psychologists tell us that… ‘If a child cannot identify his parents, he undergoes mental trauma’. No wonder the children of prostitutes, they have a very bad childhood. And if the child goes for admission in the school, and if he is asked… ‘What is the name of the father?’…  You will have to give 2 names – and you know what the child is called. There are several reasons why Polyandry is not allowed. And for counter argument, if you tell me, that I will give you several rea­sons why Polygeny is allowed. For example, if a person does… if a couple does not have an issue, and if they marry – a man is allowed to take more than one wife. If suppose, the husband is sterile, can not the wife take more than one husband? No – because no doctor can give you the guarantee, that the husband is 100%
sterile. Even if you do ‘Vasectomy’, even if you do ‘Nasbandi’…  no doctor can tell you, that the child cannot be a father – so still again the identity, the identification of that child, is yet in doubt. In the other case, suppose the husband, he undergoes an accident or he becomes very severely ill – can not the wife take another husband? Let us analyse… suppose the husband, if he undergoes an accident, or if he is severely ill… he cannot perform his duties very well. Firstly, of the financial aspects – he will not be able to look after the family, the children and the wife – and secondly, he may not be able to satisfy the wife. Regarding this first criteria where he cannot satisfy the children and the wife, Islam has an option. Islam allows such people to take Zakat – those people who cannot make both the ends meet, they can take Zakat. And the 2nd aspect… Medical Science tells us that… ‘A wife requires less conditions to be satisfied, as compared to a husband’. But still… if the wife still wants to… still if she is not satisfied, she has all the reasons to take ‘Kulah’ from the husband, and marry another husband. Here a wife taking ‘Kulah’, is much more preferred – because here, when the wife is getting divorced, she is healthy. In the other case, if she is disabled… if she is handicapped – if she is divorced, who will marry her?  Hope that answers the question.


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