Q. My name is Mohammed Ashraf – my question is – Is adoption allowed in Islam?

A. (Dr.Zakir): Brother has asked the question – Is adoption allowed in Islam. If by adoption, you mean that you take a young child… a poor child and give him lodging, boarding, clothing bringing into your house … Islam has always stressed in the Qu’ran that you should help the poor people, help the needy people – You can even get a child to your house, and give him your fatherly love. What Islam objects to is, you cannot legally adopt – you cannot give your name to the child – Legal adoption, is prohibited in Islam. Why? … because if a person adopts a child legally, there can be several complications. First, if that man… sorry… the child, whether it is a girl or boy, it will loose its identity. Point number 2… if suppose after you adopt a child, you may have your own children – No one can say, that you will never have children throughout your life. If you have your own children, you will be bias towards your own child, than the adopted child. Point number three… if the children born to you…  if they are of opposite sex of that of the adopted child, they cannot freely stay in the same house… because they are not blood sisters and brothers, to each other. If the adopted child, after he grows up –  If it is a girl…  after she grows up she will have to do Hijab  with the so called father, because he is not his original father. If the adopted child is a man… if it is a boy and he becomes elderly, he becomes a man, and then if he marries again – there has to be Hijab  between the daughter-in-law, and the so called father. And there are several other reasons… and besides that, if you the adopt a child, you will be depriving many of your relatives of their rights. When after a person dies, whatever property he has, is divided according to whatever is mentioned in the Qur’an. If the person has children, and if he adopts a child, but natural he will be… he will be depriving a share of his own child. If the person… if he dies,  if he has a children… then the wife will get half the share as she should get , if she has no children, including the mother. If there are children, she gets one sixth… if there are no children, she gets one third. Again if you adopt a child, you are depriving the share of your mother. So to prevent these complications, legal adoption is prohibited in Islam.


One thought on “Q. My name is Mohammed Ashraf – my question is – Is adoption allowed in Islam?

  1. AoA,,,,my story is a bit different I was adopted by my father’s sister as she had no babies they never had babies after even they adopted me they really give me everthing which was meant to be.When they passef away they left their property for me.Now the question is that I have heard that Allah has given a higher place to a person who raises someone instead of the ones who gave birth to you.I want to ask that I just love thise parents who raised me and I want to be called as their daughter on the judgement day even


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