Q. Is co-education allowed in Islam? – This is from Rashheed Shaikh – He is a student.

A. (Dr.Zakir): Brother has asked a question … is co-education allowed in Islam?… Can meaning… males and females study in the same school, college or universities? First, let us analyse whether male and female, can study in the same school. Those reports which came last year in ‘The World this Week’… and it gave the survey of the schools, both Unisex schools as well as and Co-Ed. schools in the U.K – And the surveyor said that… ‘The overall result of Unisex sex schools, was much better than a Co-Ed. Schools’. When interviews were taken of the teachers, they said that… ‘Students in Unisex schools, concentrated more than the Co-Ed. schools.’ When interviews of students were taken, they preferred studying in Co-Ed. schools, than Unisex schools … and you know the reason very well, why? And that survey continued – It said that…’People in Co-Ed. schools, spent more time in becoming popular with the opposite sex. And besides lack of concentration, they gave very smart answers to the teachers, and they spend more time in dating, than in gaining educa­tion in school. And the last point of that survey, was the UK government was thinking of setting up more Unisex schools, in the country. According to the American report, it said that… ‘Girls in school, spent more time in picking up illicit sex techniques from the classmates, than acquiring knowledge from the teachers.’ In India, the same thing is happening… to a greater or lesser extent. Let us analyse the males and females together, in the colleges and universities. All the points I mentioned for schools, they are magnified when it comes to college and universities. According to a report of ‘News Week’ which was published on 17th of March 1980, on page number 50, it said that… the sexual assault of the women in the universities are given. And it said – I will not repeat the full history of that report, because time is short, but the main point is, that… ‘Lecturers and professors – they forced the lady into sexual harassment, in exchange for a better grade. Same thing is happening in India, in Bombay – and after your are sexually harassed, but natural, the concentration to education goes low. You had an incident last year, which… which made the headlines of the paper – I have forgotten the name of the college, in which a girl student was raped in the broad daylight, by 4 or 5 students, in the college premises. And according to a report which came day before yesterday, in the Times of India on the 26th of August, it repeated the report of New York Times – It said that… ‘25% of the ladies that go to schools and universities in America, are raped’. My basic question is… ‘Do you want to send your child to a school to get educated, or do you want to send your child to the school, to pick up illicit techniques, or be sexually harassed?’ If it is the first, I would advice you to put them in Unisex schools… and there are several of the kind in the city. Hope that answers the question.


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