Q. How many lady Ulemas are there today, to interpret Qur’an and Hadith, and what is their percentage in comparison to men – thank you very much.

[Background of question given by the questioner: Dr. Naik, my question… is for last fourteen hundred years, one thousand and four hundred years, only main Ulemas have interpreted Qur’an and Hadith. Of course I was enlightened by your speech in the beginning, that Aaisha Ji was a Religious scholar, and she used to interpret. My question is… how many women, female Ulemas or Religious scholars are today to interpret Qur’an and Hadith,  today – how many, what is the percentage? – and another thing… another thing, I am… just…  just finishing – this question arises from ‘the Taslima of Bengal’…that when she made a sentence… I mean, Moulvi started shouting – there was not a lady Ulema to, I mean to reply to these Moulvis or take the side of Taslima, or anything. We have not read what Taslima has said, because we cannot get all the literature here in India, either from Pakistan or from Bengal, or anywhere – so we would like you to read…]

A. (Dr. Zakir):  Brother has asked a question, that he agrees that at the time of the Prophet, there were many ladies, who not only interpreted the Hadiths, they memorized… memorized. And Hazrat Aaisha (May Allah be pleased with her),  she herself has narrated… narrated, on her authority itself… only 2210 Hadiths are based, only on her authority. The basic question is, how many Ulema  women, do you have today? – he wants to know the percentage. There are several lady Ulemas, and there are many Muslim organizations, in Bombay as well as in Darr-ul-ulm, in Nadwa etc., in several places as Islah-ul-Banaat in Bombay – Several Muslim organizations which produce lady Ulema – Percentage, I do not know of …do not know – but there are hundreds… hundreds. Why did not any… regarding my second part of the question – Why did not any lady support the cause for Taslima Nasreen? – The first question arises… Should she be supported? Regarding the answer for the question on Taslima Nasreen, this cassette is available outside in the foyer. This cassette – we had a debate in the Bombay Union of Journalist – Bombay Union of Journalists had a debate between myself and Dr. Vyas and Father Peirera as well as Ashok Shahani, who translated into Marathi ‘Lajja’. And many people objected… many people guided me, that do not go to that debate – It will be a problem, they will misquote you – And believe me, I had two minds. And finally my father guided me…‘Take the name of Allah, and go’- And I went…  Al-hamdulillah.Al-hamdulillah, it was only because of Allah’s, support that the debate was successful – It was so successful, that not a single paper reported it – You know that? – Not a single paper. There was the Times of India, there was the Indian Express, there was Mahanagar, Nikhil Waghle himself  was there, there was UTI, there were PTIs also there – No one reported… Why? – because I did not say what they wanted. If I would have said… If I would have said what they wanted, it would have been headlines – ‘Islamic Scholar, Dr. Zakir Naik… and so and so’ – Because I did not say what they wanted, no report. As the full answer, the cassette is available outside. 


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