PEACE MOBILE. <—(Click here to see more…)

islamic smartphone running android OS by dr zakir

islamic smartphone running android OS by dr zakir


30 thoughts on “PEACE MOBILE

    • pls one of my friend call william ahiekpoy he want to buy one your new mobile phone but he want to know if the address u give him is the writhe one, let me give u the address business banking ID 46483171 account name techno-global middle east branch account ;1024648317102 ousd iban nuber :ae3602600010 24648317102 usdbranch altwer branch code:4105 swift code:ebilaead


      • ya that seems correct…

        For US Dollar Account

        Business Banking ID – 46483171
        Account No – 1024648317102 USD

        IBAN No – AE360260001024648317102 USD

        Branch – AL TWAR BRANCH
        Branch Code – 4105
        SWIFT Code – EBILAEAD

        Bank Address
        Emirates NBD Bank
        P.O. Box 777
        Deira, Dubai
        United Arab Emirates


  1. As salamualaikom I am from Bangladesh I want to buy peace mobile for me and my 5 friends.I try my best but fail to collection it.please known me how can I collect it easily from my country price is no matter thank you my phone number is phone no. removed due to privacy reasons Shafiqul Islam


  2. As salam u aliakum .. i am Umer Manzoor Bhat From India – Jammu & Kashmir- City Srinagar.
    I want to buy Peace Mobile for ma clf and for ma Younger brother.. I tried a lot but all in vain.. so i Request you to please tell how i get this mobile.. and my contact no is


  3. aselamu aleykum werahmetullahi weberekatu dear
    I have been put an order for peace mobile 2 but i can’t transfer the money because our country’s (ethiopia) finance system doesn’t allow sending money from home to abroad. can i include the charge on p.o box 777


  4. peace and mercy of Allah be on all of you
    I have been put an order for peace mobile 2 i can’t transfer the charge for because of our country ethiopia ‘s finance system only via post. can i include the charge on the p.o box 122604 please


  5. As Salam alaikum I’m from UK I purchased a peace mobile 2 as a gift for my daughter and after 4 months its packed up and is not working I bought it from one of ur internet sites in Dubai and now I don’t know wat to do please can u help don’t know what’s wrong with the phone it don’t charge or come on. I can’t purchase a new battery can’t find parts for it but it shed still be under warranty my address is 39 Evelyn road Birmingham UK b11 3jh please help


  6. Assakamualykum

    On my peace mobile I have nothing on my phone but if I want to download something it says not enough storage so what should I do. Thank you.


  7. I bought Peace mobile 2 but unfortunately I dropped and it’s screen has shatered. I need a new screean to replace broken one. How and where I could buy a screen for my mobile. I send e-mail to the shop in Dubai but no reply. Please help. my e-mail is <>


    • Assalaam Alaikum,

      This is not the official website of Peace Mobile and we have no contact with the peace mobile team.

      I would suggest you to take your phone to any local mobile repair shop, they can replace the touch screen.



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