Q. (Yusuf Chambers): What is your particular advice for Ramadan approaching us?

A. (Dr Zakir): My advice would be that every Muslim he or she should make it a point that they should make a resolution that they should fast each and every day of this blessed month of Ramadan. And we should try and acquire all the benefits of this month and we should not waste a single benefit of this month on things that are trivial and try to concentrate as much as possible in remembering Allah subhanwatala. We should try and look for his mercy, we should try to ask for his forgiveness, we have to try to seek for his love and we have to try to increase out piety and our righteousness and our patience and our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “Anyone who does not leave the false actions and false speech Allah subhanwatala does not care if he leaves his eating and drinking”. That means if a person does not abstain from false actions and false speech Allah swt does not care if he abstains from food and drink, that means fasting will not be accepted unless you stay away from false actions and false speech and our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “O people the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching and Allah has ordained for you that you fast on this month and the gates of heaven will be opened in this month and gates of hell will be closed and the devils will be chained, and in this month is a night that is better than a thousand months and if a person is deprived of the blessing in this month, he is truly a deprived person”. So we have to make it a point we gain the benefits of this blessed month, our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that “Anyone who fasts in this month with faith seeking the reward of Allah subhanwatala, all his past sins will be forgiven” that means if we truly with sincerity fast in this month all out past sins will be forgiven. Imagine it is such an easy way to have our sins forgiven of the past. Also our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said… it is a long hadith, basically consisting of four points…he said, “All children of Adam, all the deeds they do are for themselves except for fasting, fasting is for me and I will reward him”. And he further said that “Fasting is a shield, it prevents you from sin and the person who observe the fast must abstain from obscenity and yelling and from ignorance and if someone yells at him or abuses him he should say – I am fasting, I am fasting”. Third point our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “that I swear by Allah who’s hand is the soul of Muhammad (peace be upon him) that the breath of a fasting person is sweeter to Allah than the smell of the musk”. And he finally said in the hadith that “There are two things when a fasting person is happy and looks forward to it, first when he breaks the fast and second is when he meets Allah subhanwatala”. It is written in Quran in Surah Noor Ch-24 V-31, it says “O you who believe, truly have faith in Allah and seek the bliss” i.e. try to enter jannah. It is mentioned in Surah Ahqaaf Ch-46 V-13,14 that “Those are the people who worship none but Allah and they are steadfast in faith”. The word is ‘istaqaam’…”and there is only one Allah and no one else and they shall not have any fear nor shall they grieve, these are the people who are the people of paradise and they shall be rewarded for all the good they have done”. So this is the advice for the people that they should take the best of this month and they should not spend their time in trivial things and spend their time in worshipping Allah and remembering Allah subhanwatala and ask for forgiveness.


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