Q. Does Smoking invalidate the fast?

Smoking invalidates the fast

Smoking invalidates the fast!

A. (#DrZakirNaik): Normally when one smokes the smoke goes into the lungs but there are certain particles also that go into the stomach so when you smoke besides the smoke going into your lungs it also goes into your stomach and there are some particles there is some residual things. So all the scholars unanimously agree that smoking does break the fast. So when you are smoking besides breaking the fast you are also doing a sin, and that reduces the reward. And many people who are chain smokers do not smoke during fasting but the moment the fast ends, when it is iftaar they take puffs and they keep on smoking the fullnight and ‘astaghfirulah’ this again defeats the purpose of fasting which is increasing your ‘Taqwah’. And if a person can abstain from dawn to dusk very well he can abstain from smoking from the cradle to the grave. So it is my advice for smokers that in Ramadan it is very good time where you can really stop smoking and that will be a permanent part in your life for the future insha’allah.


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