Q. Is bathing allowed while fasting?



A. (#DrZakirNaik): As far as bathing is concerned i.e. Ghusul, whether it is done for a religious fardh if you are in a state of ‘junub’ i.e. sexual defilement or whether it is done to clean your body to remove dirt or you feeling sticky or bathing is done if you are feeling thirsty or you are feeling hot whatever reason it is done for as long as the person does not swallow water the fast does not get invalidated. Bathing is permissible while fasting and there are several hadith to show it is permitted. It is mentioned in Sahih Al-Bukhari that “Aisha (may Allah be please with her) says that Prophet got up from his sleep in a state of ‘junub’ (sexual defilement) while he was fasting and he took a bath and he continued his fast.” That means bathing is compulsory here as he had intercourse with his wife. Further if you read in Sunan Abu-Dawood, “Hazrat Abu Bakar (may Allah be pleased with him) says he heard a man saying that when the Prophet had gone to Al-Araje while he was fasting he poured water over his head because he was feeling thirsty or feeling hot”. So if you are feeling hot you are allowed to have a bath.  Furthermore it is mentioned in Sahih Bukhari that, ”Ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) he soaked his garment in water and he wore it”. In same chapter it says, “Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) had a tub of water in which he used to sit while he was fasting”.



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