Q. Swallowing one’s own saliva during the fast, is it permissible act?

A. (#DrZakirNaik): It is a normal act, it is a natural act and science tells us there is several litres of saliva being secreted by the salivary gland every day. And it is natural that saliva a human being swallows it and it can’t be avoided. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al-Baqarah Ch. 2 V. 185, after mentioning about fasting “….Allah subhanwatala wants to make it easy for you and does not want to put you into difficulty.” So but natural swallowing saliva is a normal act and I know that people keep on frequently spitting out and I have some of my friends who does such type of thing and say “its haraam to swallow!” And keep on spitting and imagine if you have to do that full day you cannot even offer your Salaah properly. Because when you offer Salaah it takes few minutes and in few minutes the saliva gets gathered. So will you be concentrating on spitting the saliva or Allah subhanwatala? If you read the Quran you have to keep on spitting on the side always and I know some people who always keep a container and spitting out not knowing the ruling so if a person swallows the normal saliva that comes into the mouth it cannot be avoided at all. Same way a person breathes in the dust when a person goes to the city which is polluted and there is dust particles and you breath that and some of it goes into our lungs so all this is permissible because it is a normal day to day act and do not violate your fast at all.


One thought on “Q. Swallowing one’s own saliva during the fast, is it permissible act?

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