Q. As a doctor of medicine, would you think it is right to discriminate against Hindus, on the basis of Religion, for jobs in the Holy land of Saudi Arabia – The advertisements say… Only Muslims and Christians can apply.

A. The doctor has asked a very good question, that can you discriminate among human beings, on the basis of Religion, for a job – like the Ads. in the paper say… Only Muslims…only Christians apply, in Saudi Arabia. I have been to Saudi Arabia – Sister this is theoretical – several times in fact, I complain the opposite. Most of the top posts held by ex-patriots in Saudi Arabia, are Non-Muslims, Hindus and Christians. I complain to them…See you should give equal justice, give us also a opportunity. Muslims are there…sweepers, etc. – But if you analyze, the top posts…I have been to Saudi Arabia, the top most – and we had a similar gathering, in the Tridant Hotel, in Jeddah. It’s a five star hotel, where we called all the white collared Non-Muslims – And the chief guest that time was, the General Manager of Air India. And there we saw the top most – there are few Muslims majority ex-patriots. Ex-patriots means, those who are not citizens of Saudi Arabia. Majority are Non-Muslims… I don’t know why? – I have to ask them. So it’s a misconception. Then, for certain job… for certain job, suppose if you have to offer Salaah in the Mosque, it has to be a Muslim. Non-Muslim cannot read the prayers – So depending upon the job. But the criteria for taking any person should be, the criteria of the job. If you require an accountant… but natural, the accountant should be good. The discrimination is not there in Saudi Arabia – It’s a misconception. Even the top agents, who sent people to Saudi Arabia – they are Hindus. In Bombay, top people, the major… major travel agents – they are Non-Muslims. So it is a misconception, sister… It’s a misconception. If your job is good… if you are a good doctor, whether Muslim or Non-Muslim – If my mother is sick, and if I know there is a Hindu doctor, who is a heart specialist… Who will I go to? I’ll go to the Non-Muslim. Because the Qur’an says… If you don’t know, ask the person who knows. Qur’an says in Surah Nahl, Ch. No. 16, V. No. 43, and Surah Furkan, Ch. 25, V. No. 59, If you are in doubt, ask the person who knows – Go to an expert. Qur’an does not say… Go to a Muslim. Qur’an says… Go to an expert. If the expert is a Muslim, InshaAllah we’ll go to a Muslim – If he is a Non-Muslim, I’ll go to a Non-Muslim. He should be an expert in the field, in which I require help. Hope that answers your question.


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