Q. Why is Polygamy allowed for man, but not for woman? Why is there no birth control in Islam?

A. (#DrZakirNaik): Regarding the first question that – why is Polygamy allowed for the male, and not for the woman?…Why is a man allowed to do Polygamy? Polygamy means, a man having more than one spouse… more than one wife. Polyandry, is the woman having more than one husband. In fact if you analyse, Qur’an is the only religious Scripture on the face of the earth, that says…‘Marry only one’ it’s shocking. Qur’an is the only religious Scripture on the face of the earth, that says…Marry only one. If you read the Ramayana, if you read the Vedas, if you read the Bible, other Scriptures….No Scripture says… Marry only one, except the Holy Qur’an. In fact, if you read the Scripture of the Christians, their saint Soloman, had hundreds of wives – Abraham had more than one wife…the Bible says, three wives. Even the Hindu Scriptures, they had several wives… the father of Rama… King Dashrata – he had more than one wife.The Holy Qur’an is the religious Scripture  which says that…Marry only one. It says in Surah Nisa Ch. No. 4, V. No. 3, “Marry woman of your choice, in twos, threes or fours. But if you cannot do justice, marry only one” – Islam puts an upper limit. In other ways of life, you can marry as many as you want – no upper limit. Islam puts on upper limit, of maximum four. But you can marry, only if you can do justice. If you can’t do justice, marry only one. And the Qur’an says in Surah Nisa, Ch. No. 4, V. No. 129, that… “It is difficulty to do justice between your wives. So don’t altogether turn away from them”. It is nowhere mentioned, that if you marry more than one wife, you get more blessings. No where its mentioned – Its optional.

So, why has Islam given permission to marry more than one wife. The reason is that, Islam has given permission because…if you analyse the birth rate of male and female… they are approximately equal. But if you ask any pediatrician…  a doctor of the children,  he will tell you that…The female  child can fight the germs and the disease, much better than a male child. They are the stronger sex medically – so there are more death rate in the males, than the female children. When you grow up, there are accidents taking place, wars taking place, more men die than women. If you analyze the statistics of the world, India is one of the few countries, in which the female population, is less than the male population. You know why?… Because there is the answer given in BBC…a television programme “Let her die”, by the title… assignment  Emilly Beckhenen, a Britisher. She came and said…according to the statistics…Every day, more than 3000 feticides are been aborted, after they are identified as female. According to a government hospital report, of Tamil Naidu…Out of ten born alive, four are put to death…female children. Islam prohibits female  infeticide , in Surah Al Takurr, Ch. 87, Verse 8 and 9. In fact, Qur’an says in Surah Isra, Ch.  17, Verse 31, as well as in Surah Anam,  Ch.  6 Verse 151 , “Kill not your children for want of sustenance , for it is Allah who will give…who will give sustenance,  to you and your children”. It is prohibited in Islam…even if its male or female. So because of this…that the male population is more in India. If you stop this evil practice of female infeticide  and female infeticide…even in India,  within a few decades, the female will be more. If you know the statistics of America… in America alone, there are 7 to 8 million more females than the males – in New York alone, there are one million more females than males. Out of the population of New York,  1/3rd are Gays. Gays, means Sodomites,     Kaume – Looth… who can’t find female partners. There are more than 25 million Gays, in America. If you analyse the statistics, there are more than 30 million females in America, who can’t  find husbands.  In U.K. alone, there are more than  4 million females, as compared to males  – Germany alone, there are more than  5 million females, more than male – Russia alone, there are more than 7 million more females, than the male. And almighty God alone knows, that how many millions females, are more in the world, than the males. If I agree with the customs, the religious Scriptures, put no upper limit – You marry as many as you want. If you believe into the customs of the other ways of life, that… You should marry only one – and if my sister happens to live in America, and suppose the market is saturated – every man has got a wife for himself.  Yet, there will be 30 million females, who won’t be able to find husbands. If my sister happens to be one of those unfortunate ladies, who has got not married, living in America – the only option remaining for her is… she either marries a man who already has a wife, or become public property – There no third option. And I have asked this question, to modest people… That what would you prefer for your sister?…Would you prefer your sister, marry a man who already has a wife, or become a public  property. All the modest people said that…We will  choose the first one,  when required. If you can get a man who has got no wife, then grab him…No problem. Regarding the second part of the question, that why can’t the Muslim women, be allowed to marry more than one husband? The reason is that of you analyze if a man has more than one wife , you can identify father as well as the mother. But if a woman has more than one husband…you can identify the mother, but not the father.  There are today…researches today done, that you can have genetic coding  and blood testing, which can identify. May be possible…which is accepted  by the court of law …I have got no objections . That  is one of the reason, may be for the past. These one other reasons, that a man is more sexual than a woman, biologically. And if a man has more  than one partner…more than one wife, there are no problems of sexual disease. But if a woman is having more than one husband, then there are chances of Veneral disease, more chance of AIDS, more chance of general diseases. That’s the reason, why Islam does not allow polyendry. Hope that answers. Birth control is a very low. Birth control means… Birth control, is a word used by every one… should follow  this, by hook or by crook. Like, India takes out a law…Hum Do, Hamare Do… Ek Ke Baad, Abhi Nahi – Do Ke Baad, Kabhi Nahi (We two and our two, after one not now and after two not ever). See irrespective of rich and poor, if my parents would have done family planning, I wouldn’t have been here. I am the fifth child of my parent  – I wouldn’t have been in front of you. So birth control is not allowed in Islam. Birth control is for every one – whether you  are rich or poor… you follow. Regarding  family planning, there are do’s and dont’s – For that, you can refer to my Video Lecture – Qur’an and Modern Science – its given there… it’s a long answer. Hope that answers your question

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Q. Some people think that Muslims are taking Non-Vegetarian food as a result of this, they are not able to control their emotions and feelings – Is this correct?… Please throw some light.

A. (#DrZakirNaik): Brother has asked a very good question, and the basis… it’s the diet that you have… has an effect on your behaviour. And I do agree with it – the diet that you eat, that food that you eat, has an effect on your behaviour. That is the reason…Islam only allows us to have…only herbivorous animals, like the cow, goat, and the sheep. You know mild people…we are going to be mild. We are not allowed to have lion, tigers, leopards, carnivorous animals. If you eat those – lion, tiger and leopards, you will become like a lion, tiger and leopard… Right? The food that you eat, is going to have an effect on your behaviour… Science has said that. That’s the reason, you will have only herbivorous animal like cow…a domicile…you know a cow – so humble. We too have that, because we want to be humble. Non-Veg. of animals like lion, tiger and leopard – Our Prophet said… Anything which is carnivorous, any thing which has got claws and canine teeth… you are not allowed to have that meat…the Prophet said. There was a research done in America, that people were only fed on vegetables for months together, and another group of people, were fed on Non-Veg. When you say…Non-Veg., you cannot feed only on Non-Veg. – When you say… Non-Veg., it means Veg. is included. When you say Non-Veg., it includes Veg. also. So those who were fed on Non-Veg., their social behaviour was much better, than those who were fed on Veg. This is a research done – the documents are there. People have a misconception that, if you have only vegetable – The difference is very minute – the difference, is not a major difference. It’s a minute difference, that the social behaviour of a pure Veg. is less cordial, as compared to Non-Veg…. Research says that. But the people…Some Vegetarians are soft, some are ferocious – Some Non-Veg. are soft, some are ferocious. That is because of the atmosphere, not diet – Because of their upbringing. May be the teacher they got, was ferocious – And they told them to behave like that. Otherwise, Islam is the Religion – Peace comes from the root word Salaam. We always promote peace…we always promote peace – And it’s a peace loving, merciful Religion. Hope that answers the question.

Q. Why Islam prescribes Non-vegetarian diet? Another one -whether politicians can fit into Religion… whether Religion can independently survive without politicians?

A. (#DrZakirNaik): Brother has asked two questions -The second one is politics and Islam…. Can Religion survive without politicians. Brother, as I said… Islam is a complete way of life. There is politics in Islam -But its not similar to the modern politics we have…you know every one filling their pockets, etc. – So Islam is against such modern politics. But there is a political system in Islam. As I said, that Islam is a complete code of conduct  -It’s a complete way of life. You cannot be a good Muslim, without being a good worldly human being -You have to be. So even Islam speaks about politics…that is a different thing. But surely, what you are referring to… Modern politics… Islam is far away. Islam don’t where they people back this politics, and they try and fill their pockets – Their pocket is more important, than other peoples betterment -Islam is against that. Regarding your first question, which is very important…since we are having dinner…you know, after the Question and Answer session. The brother has posed a question that… why does Islam say that you should have Non-Veg.?… Why does Islam allows Non-Veg. That’s a good question. If you analyse, the set of teeth of the herbivorous animals… the cows, goat and sheep, they have got a vegetables. If you analyse, that set of teeth of the carnivorous animals, the lion, tiger, or leopard, they all have a pointed set of teeth… they have only Non-Veg. If you analyse, the set of teeth of human beings, are pointed teeth -We have carnivorous, as well as herbivorous -We have an omnivorous set of teeth. If God Almighty…our Creator, wanted us to have only Veg…. He should have given us only flat teeth. Why did He give us pointed teeth? There is a purpose. Even if you push down the throat of goat, sheep, cow, the herbivorous animals…Non-Veg….for it to digest it will not -the digestive system will not digest. Similarly the digestive system of carnivorous animal cannot digest vegetables. The digestive system of human beings, can digest both Non-Veg. and Veg. If God Almighty wanted us to have only Veg…. why did He gave us a digestive system which can digest both. If you analyse… if you analyse the Hindu Scriptures, if you read… The sages and the saints had Non-Veg. -Its mentioned there. Even if you read the Ramayana -See again I am quoting… Always give the reference. People should not think that I am pulling a fast one -I am not pulling a fast one, because I am giving references. People…when I give information to the Muslim. They got shocked… its mentioned in the Qur’an and the Hadiths. When I mentioned the Ram and the Vedas to be Non-Muslims, they get shocked. It is mentioned in Ayodhya Khandam, Ch. No. 90, Ch. No. 26, when Ram was sent for Banvaas, he told his mother that… I will have to sacrifice my tasty meat dishes. That means, Rama ate Non-Veg. -He ate meat. The reason why Hindu philosophy, later on changed to Veg…. due to a reason -It has to have a reason. Because people got influenced by Ahimsa… other ways of life like Buddhism, Jainism, etc., which believe in Ahimsa. So to prevent people getting converted to other Religions they accepted Vegetarianism. If you ask these Jains, and all that… Why do you  have only vegetable? They tell you that…  Plants are without life, animals are with life…and killing any living creature is wrong. If you kill any living creature without a cause, it is haram even in Islam. If you kill any living creature… let be an ant also, without cause, its not allowed. But they have a misconception…that plants do not have life. But science has advanced, and we have come to know, that even plants have got life -so their reason has failed. So they have come out with a new answer, saying that… See plants do have life, but they do not feel pain. Animals can feel pain. Therefore killing an animal is a greater crime that killing a plant. Today, science has advanced, and we have come to know, that even the plants can feel pain. They can even cry… they even feel happy. You know, they have a nervous system, but it is ill developed. There  is a research done in America, that a farmer had a equipment. The cry of the plants, cannot be heard by human beings, because the frequency of the human ear, is from 20 cycles to 20,0000 cycles per second. You know the silent dog whistle… the dog can listen to 40,000 cycles per second. So when you blow the dog whistle, the human being can’t listen…but the dog comes to the master. So human being can hear only from 20 cycles to 20,000 cycles per second. May be the cry of the plant given, is out of range. So a farmer took out an equipment, in which, the moment the plant didn’t get water, it cried…and he could hear it. So the plants can feel pain, they even feel happy, and they can even cry. So there was a person who had the maximum argument with me, and he said that… See brother Zakir, I agree with you that plants are living creatures, they can feel pain. But if you see, you analyse logically, the animal have got 5 senses – the plants have got 2 or 3 senses. So killing a living creature having 5 senses, is a greater crime, than killing a living creature having 3 senses… logical. I said… For the sake of argument, I agree with you. Suppose you brother, if he is born deaf and born dumb, and when he grows up, if a criminal comes and murders him. Will you go and tell the judge, O my lord give the murderer a less punishment, because my brother had 2 senses less?… Will you say that? You will say that… Give the murderer a bigger punishment… the poor person could not support himself. So in Islam, you can. In Islam, Allah (SWT) says in Surah Al-Baqarah, Ch. No. 2, V. No. 168, Eat of the good things, We have provided. But a Muslim, can be a very good Muslim, even by being a pure Veg. – he can be…not that he cannot be. The Qur’an does not say, that you should have Non-Veg. You can be a good Muslim, even by having pure vegetarian. But if you analyse, there is no first class protein in vegetarian. Do you know that the best protein of vegetable, is Soya bean…which is second class? Non-Veg. has got first class protein, which is not there in vegetable. There are articles, coming written by scientists, who say that… See these are the benefits of Veg. over the Non-Veg. They are promoting Veg., because its their way of life. But there are articles written by Non-Veg. scientists also, which disapprove that. So when you have a person who has got knowledge of both Non-Veg and Veg., you will come to know, that eating Non-Veg. is beneficial for the human body. So when Allah has given us good food, which we can have, why should we abstain from it? Hope that answers your question.

Q. You earlier in your speech, quoted a Verse from the Qur’an, that actually its not only the moon which moves, but it is also the sun… and science has proved, that sun moves alright. But this seems to be, regarding the earlier belief, that the earth is round alright – but all the heavenly bodies, are going round the earth… including the sun. The geo-centric theory… you know that all the stars, sun, and the moon, go round the earth… and the earth is the centre of everything – This seems to be implying that… is n it not?

A. (#DrZakirNaik): A very good question, the brother has asked. That’s why for more details, I said… You refer to my video cassette – “Qur’an and Modern Science – Conflict or conciliation” Part I & II. It’s a four hour cassette, which took place in Bombay. The chair person is saying that… Be brief. It  is difficult to be brief and convince, and the brother has rightly said…There was a theory… which was propounded by Tolommy – I am giving the name of the person by Tolommy… 2nd century B.C., which believed in the theory of Goecentrism. Geocentrism means, the earth was the centre of the universe, and all the planets including the sun, revolved round the earth – which the Qur’an completely contradicts. In fact, what I quoted from the Verse of the Holy Qur’an was brother, from Surah Al-Anbiya, Ch. No. 21, V. No. 33… (Arabic)…. That it is Allah, who has created the nights and the day…. (Arabic)…. each one travelling in a orbit, with its own motion. It says that… The sun and the moon is travelling in a orbit… orbit means revolving – with its own motion means… rotating. ‘Yasbahun’ is an Arabic word, describing the motion of a moving body for a celestial body. It is rotating… it revolving and rotating. No where does the Qur’an say that… The sun and moon revolves, around the earth. Today the science has advanced – that is on old theory, which has been proved wrong. Today science tells us that… The sun solar system… of the solar system – sun is the centre. The planets Mercury, Earth, Venus – all one revolving. But the solar system on its own – the solar system is also revolving round, in the galaxy. If you know brother, that is the latest theory… That even the solar system is revolving around a  point in the galaxy, and even the galaxy is revolving point in the universe. So the Qur’an does not say, that the sun and moon is revolving round the sun – which Taslema Nasreen has misinterpreted. She says that… The Qur’an says that the sun, revolves round the earth. There  is not a single statement – that is a misinterpretation. The Qur’an says that… The sun and moon, revolve and rotate. It doesn’t say… Around the earth – That is she is adding the own. Previously, when I was in school, I was thought that the sun revolves…  it does not rotate – it was stationery. Today, with the help of an equipment, you can have the image of the sun, on the table top. Since we can look at the sun directly, you can have the image of the sun, on the table top – And we have come to know, that the sun has got black spots. And it takes approximately 25 days for these black spots, to complete one rotation – indicating, the sun takes 25 days to complete one rotation. So what science tells… proves today, in school I didn’t knew this. What science has proved today… that the sun rotates and revolves. Qur’an has mentioned this, 1400 years ago. There is not a single statement in the Holy Qur’an, which goes against established science. There may be theories which go against the Qur’an -Theories like Darwins Theory, which has been proved wrong. But theories… Not a single scientific fact, which has been established, which goes against a single Verse of the Holy Qur’an. Hope that satisfies for brother.