Q. Some people think that Muslims are taking Non-Vegetarian food as a result of this, they are not able to control their emotions and feelings – Is this correct?… Please throw some light.

A. (#DrZakirNaik): Brother has asked a very good question, and the basis… it’s the diet that you have… has an effect on your behaviour. And I do agree with it – the diet that you eat, that food that you eat, has an effect on your behaviour. That is the reason…Islam only allows us to have…only herbivorous animals, like the cow, goat, and the sheep. You know mild people…we are going to be mild. We are not allowed to have lion, tigers, leopards, carnivorous animals. If you eat those – lion, tiger and leopards, you will become like a lion, tiger and leopard… Right? The food that you eat, is going to have an effect on your behaviour… Science has said that. That’s the reason, you will have only herbivorous animal like cow…a domicile…you know a cow – so humble. We too have that, because we want to be humble. Non-Veg. of animals like lion, tiger and leopard – Our Prophet said… Anything which is carnivorous, any thing which has got claws and canine teeth… you are not allowed to have that meat…the Prophet said. There was a research done in America, that people were only fed on vegetables for months together, and another group of people, were fed on Non-Veg. When you say…Non-Veg., you cannot feed only on Non-Veg. – When you say… Non-Veg., it means Veg. is included. When you say Non-Veg., it includes Veg. also. So those who were fed on Non-Veg., their social behaviour was much better, than those who were fed on Veg. This is a research done – the documents are there. People have a misconception that, if you have only vegetable – The difference is very minute – the difference, is not a major difference. It’s a minute difference, that the social behaviour of a pure Veg. is less cordial, as compared to Non-Veg…. Research says that. But the people…Some Vegetarians are soft, some are ferocious – Some Non-Veg. are soft, some are ferocious. That is because of the atmosphere, not diet – Because of their upbringing. May be the teacher they got, was ferocious – And they told them to behave like that. Otherwise, Islam is the Religion – Peace comes from the root word Salaam. We always promote peace…we always promote peace – And it’s a peace loving, merciful Religion. Hope that answers the question.


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