Q. Why is it, non-Muslims are looked down upon, and known as ‘Kafirs’… is used in a different manner, which critics other Religion?

A. The question passed is… why do you call the Non-muslims  as kafirs, and why do you look down upon them. Brother, the Arabic word ‘Kaafir’, comes from the root word ‘kufr’… which means to deny, to cancel. In context of the Qur’an, it means… Who denies the one truth of Islam so any one – Who is a non-muslim. So Arabic word kafir,  is another word for… Non-muslim. So if you  are a  non-muslim,  I will  have to call you a non-muslim . The Arabic word for non-muslim is Kaafir. If you feel that Kaafir… calling Kaafir,  is  abusive…its wrong, then you should become a muslim. See… if someone tells me…I am a Non-Hindu, why should I feel bad. I mean, if someone calls me Non-Hindu…its not a abuse to me. If someone calls you a Non-Muslim…and you are a non-Muslim, he is speaking the truth. You don’t accept  Islam… that you are the that your are rejecting. It’s a word  for non-Muslims. If you feel, someone robs…and if he says… Why you are calling  me a robber, then he should stop robbing. Then if he says that… He is Kaafir, your are feeling bad, then accept Islam – No one is going to call you Kaafir. So it is a Arabic word, used for people  who are non-Muslims. Hope that answers.


3 thoughts on “Q. Why is it, non-Muslims are looked down upon, and known as ‘Kafirs’… is used in a different manner, which critics other Religion?

  1. Mr zakir ji……….. U said that ..kafir means who do not accept islam or who is non muslim ,,,,,,,it means u want everyone should convert to ur religion , and then nobody will call him kafir or kafur ,,,,,,u mean it iois pointing out that u and ur ideology is so,,,why it is mentioning in your scriptures that kill all kafirs ,,,,who told u we do not accept your religion,,,,,we accept every human being if he or she is human ,,,,,but follow Ppour rules,,,,,and change your mind and,,,,,

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  2. This is shallow, flimsy logic.

    If a word is not innately offensive by definition, it can still be loaded with negative schema by the contexts in which it is used. A prime example is the psychological term ‘retard’. The term is etymologically sound, however because some insensitive yobs appropriated it as a slur, it quickly became offensive – to the point where scientific institutions stopped using it.

    So too ‘kafir’. It is not inherently offensive, but the negative *use* of the term has led to its *being* an offensive term.

    It has nothing to do with the call of Islam.


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