Q. Why are woman in Islam, not allowed to have equal rights for employment in Afghanistan?

A. The thing is that, in Islam a woman is allowed to do any work, as long as it does not go away, out of the shariah, or views. For example, a woman cannot work in alcoholic bar…even a man cannot work. A woman cannot work in a gambling den…where, even a man cannot work. A woman cannot do jobs which exploit her body, like modeling, film acting -it exploits her body. We want our woman folk to be respected. Thousands of men looking at the woman, and whistling and all. We believe in a modest way of life, therefore such jobs which exhibit the body. The Western culture…talking about Womens’ liberalisation It is actually a disguised form, of the exploitation of the body of the woman, of deprivation of her honour, and degradation of her soul. The Western society, claiming to uplift the woman, have actually degraded her, to the status of a concubine, to mistresses, and society butterflies…which are hidden behind the colourful screen of art and culture. Islam does’nt agree with such jobs. Otherwise the other jobs… if it’s a modest job, if she has the hijab, and segregation of  sexes, she can very well do it. See, what reports do we in papers, we don’t know whether it is right or wrong. The Qur’an says in Sura Hujurat, V. 6,Whenever you get any news, verify it ‘. I read in the Indian papers, that these Afghanistan…these Mujahideens, they killed the women -They say…You should not go to work. And they have stopped the doctors from going to work…all the lady doctors, and they have stopped their pay, and etc. I read  in the Time Magazine. The Time Magazine says that… The Mujahideens have stopped the women from doing immodest jobs…even after they have stopped. But have not stopped the lady doctors…they have not stopped  lady teachers. And those people whom they have stopped…they are providing them with salaries, at their doorsteps…at their doorsteps. If any one says that – ‘Ahlan Was ahlan’…I would love it. Don’t work…Salary at door step -Why?… to prevent them from doing immodest things. See if you are doing a immodest job, we will tell you it is wrong -It  is attracting violence. Don’t do modeling, don’t do dancing, don’t do film acting…but whatever salary you are getting, we will provide you at your door step. So the views that we get in the paper is variant… different. I cannot say sitting from here…which is right. Whether Times of India is  right, or Time Magazine is right, I don’t know. So the Qur’an says… Ask the person who knows. So there are experts in these fields…you know -but what reports I get, I have given it to you. That this is just the media… in the hands of the Westerners. They control the Media and they maligning unnecessarily, Islam. Hope that answers your question.


One thought on “Q. Why are woman in Islam, not allowed to have equal rights for employment in Afghanistan?

  1. I admire you usthad..but i can’t stand you moralizing taliban’s inhumane acts against women.don’t do this to your followers like me.you are a bless to our generation.masha allah..


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