Q. Qur’an says…Allah is most Merciful – its also prescribed later Allah is severe in punishment -So is He revengeful God, or is He a Merciful God?

A. (#DrZakrNaik): Brother has posed a good question… The brother has asked a question, that the Qur’an says -Allah (SWT) is Rahman-o-Rahim…most Merciful, most Gracious –then why does He give punishment…you know, revengeful or horrifying God, etc. And you have punishments, as I said… Capital punishment for rape, in this world. Some punishment would be… put in the hell fire, etc. The thing that you should realise brother, that Allah (SWT), is a Merciful God at the same time, He is a Just…both, Just and Merciful -the Qur’an gives 99 different attributes. For e.g. if someone commits rape, you cannot say that God is so merciful, God let the rapists go free. That is not a Merciful God…that is an unjust God. What about the person…the lady which was raped… you let him so free. Science tells us today, that a person who commits rape…one again when he goes in the society, 95% times he will commit a rape again. People say that…First give him 5 years imprisonment, and second time…death penalty. Statistics today tell of America that… 95% when a person commits rape, when he goes in the society, he again commits rape. So Allah (SWT) is Merciful and Just, at the same time. Allah is Just, to the lady who was raped. Allah is even Merciful to that man -he will commit a rape again -It is bad for him…committing rape. Similarly if you rob, the Qur’an says…Chopping of the hands -You call it a very ruthless law… Oh…Islam is very ruthless -Chopping of hands. First Islam says…The system of Zakah. As I said, every rich person should give 2.5 % of excess wealth, to poor people. After that, if some one robs, then…chopping off the hands. Surah Maidah, Ch.5, V. 38, says that…As per the thief, be it a man or a woman, chop off his  or her hands, as a punishment from Allah (SWT).People will think that, every second person you will come across in Saudi Arabia, will have his or her hands dropped  off. I have been to Saudi Arabia…I did not come across a single person, with this hands chopped off. There will be few people -but I have not  come across them -It is not as common as it seems. If you implement the Shariah in America today, that every person…rich person should give Zakat and charity, and after that, if any one robs chop of the hand -Will the rate of crime in America…will it increase?…will it remain the same?…or will it decrease? – It will decrease. So Allah (SWT), is Merciful at the same time… Just – And He is very careful, in taking of accounts. All three…all three can only come together, if a person  seeks for the justice of the whole of humanity. Overall… to the humanity, He is merciful or not…to stop rape? It is merciful, or not?…It is merciful. So if you say…No let the people enjoy -today you’ll 1,000 rapes…tommorow 10,000 daily, and it will keep on increasing. So, this law of Allah (SWT), is Merciful to the whole of humankind – not only for a particular group of people -or only permission for Saudi Arabia or for Americans -It is Merciful, for the whole of humanity. That is why, these punishments have been kept -so that even they improve, and benefit to the whole of human kind. Hope that answers your question.


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