Q. What is the difference between the Shias and the Sunnis?

A. Brother, the difference… it’s a political difference. Actually in Islam, there is nothing like Shia and Sunni – There is no ‘Shia’…. ‘Sunni’ mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.The Qura’n says in Surah Al-Imran, Ch. No. 3, V. No. 103… (Arabic)…‘Hold together to the rope of Allah, and be not divided’ – there is nothing like ‘Shia’…. ‘Sunni’ in Islam. These came in later centuries…afterwards, due to political differences in Islam. Muslims are only one category and are no sub categories like… Shia, Sunni or anything. Because Qur’an say clearly in Surah Anaam, Ch. No. 6, V. No. 159 that… ‘Who ever makes sects… divisions in Religion of Islam, he has nothing to do with Allah (SWT).’ Means, making sects is prohibited in Islam. The difference between Shia and Sunni is a political difference, and not a religious difference. Hope this answers the question.


One thought on “Q. What is the difference between the Shias and the Sunnis?

  1. Do shias follow quran?
    If yes , then why do they not respect prophet Muhammad (pbhm) when there are clear cut clarifications in quran about Muhammad (pbhm)
    that he is the true messenger?


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