Q. What was the preparation of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to welcome Ramadan?

Dr Zakir Naik :: Question & Answer

A. There is hadith in sahih al bukhari (vol. 3 book of fasting, hadith 1969) “aisha (r. a) related that the prophet (saw) never fasted a complete month except in Ramadan and he didn’t fast in any month as many days as he fasted in the month of shabaan” thus from this hadith we come to know that prophet (saw ) used to welcome or prepare for the month of Ramadan by fasting many days in the previous month, i.e. the month of shabaan. And further if you read in Tirmidhi (Book of supplications, Hadith 5431) which says that Talha (r.a) says on the authority of his father that whenever the prophet (saw) saw the new moon he always used to pray to Allah (swt) and say “O Allah bless us in this month (and he used to mention the name of the month) keep us stead fast in faith…

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