Q. Are there any particular activities for a Muslim should concentrate upon during this blessed month of Ramadan?

Dr Zakir Naik :: Question & Answer

A. (Dr Zakir): Few important points are to be noted is that no 1. Is the niyaah, niyaah is very important. The niyaah (intention) for fasting must be only for Allah subhanwatala and for a fasting to be accepted niyaah is very important. No 2 is observing the sunnah of fast. One of the important sunnah is that we should have sahoor as late as possible that is just before break of dawn i.e. just before fajar salaah and we should break our fast, have iftaar as early as possible immediately after sunset. Furthermore in this blessed month we should be careful and we should avoid all things which are prohibited, which are haraam and things which are a makru (undesirable). And this is the best opportunity for a person that if he has certain activities which are against the sahriyah (Islamic law), that they are doing haraam activites or…

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