Q. What are the main reasons behind for Muslims falling into same errors Ramadan after Ramadan?

Dr Zakir Naik :: Question & Answer

A. (Dr  Zakir): The main reason that Muslims keep on committing the same errors in the month of Ramadan regarding the rules and regulations of fasting, it is lack of knowledge of their deen, of the religion of Allah subhanwatala and major reason for this lack of knowledge is because most of the Muslims do not read the word of Allah subhanwatala, they do not read the Quran with understanding. Neither do they read the hadith, the authentic sayings of the last and final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). What Muslims should do is read the Quran with understanding, read the sayings of the Prophet and the Seerah of the Prophet. Then inshallah atleast you will have the basic knowledge of our deen. Including the rules and regulations of fasting and Allah subhanwatala, he always opens up his pathways he gives guidance to the Muslims but there is a…

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