Q. Are there any Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that people avoid because they think it will nullify their fast?

Dr Zakir Naik :: Question & Answer

A. (by #drzakirnaik): Yes, there are few sunnahs that Muslims avoid thinking that it will break their fast or it is makroo. And the most important sunnah which people avoid during Ramadan is using Siwaak, using the tooth stick. Many Muslims feel that if they use it, it is makroo. Main reason is there is a hadith of Muhammad (peace be upon him) mentioned in Sahih Bukhari which says, “I swear by Allah in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad that the breath of the person who fasts is more sweater to Allah than the scent of Musk”. Based on this hadith many Muslims think that the bad breath or the foul breath of the person who is fasting will not be there and it will not please Allah. That’s the reason they avoid using the siwaak. These people fail to realize that when we use the…

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