Q. What is the minimum distance of travel after which we are exempted from fasting?

Dr Zakir Naik :: Question & Answer

A. This is the same answer as that for the Salaah. What is the distance considered for a traveller so that he can do Qasar i.e. shorten his salaah is the same for fasting. Though there is difference of opinion but majority of scholars they say it is 16 FARSAKH. Each FARSAKH is 3 MILES, so it is more than 48 MILES if a person travels i.e. if a person travels more than 80 KM he is considered as a traveller.  But some scholars say it is 83 KM, some say 84 KM. so it can said that more than 84 KM a person is considered as a traveller. But the basic thing is he should not be in his own hometown. There are some cities which are very large. And the distance from one end to the other can be more than 84 KM then he is not…

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