Q. What is the ruling on Smoking? Is it halal or haraam?

Dr Zakir Naik :: Question & Answer

"Smoking is nothing but slow poisoning" - Dr Zakir Naik “Smoking is nothing but slow poisoning” – Dr Zakir Naik

A. (#DrZakirNaik):
As Far as smoking is concerned several years before when science hadn’t advanced that far most of the scholars used to say smoking is ‘makrooh’ (not desirable but not haraam) based on the hadith of Muhammad (peace be upon him), “Anyone who eats garlic or onion should stay away from us and stay away from the mosque.” Because there is a bad breath. So when you are smoking the breath is worse than onion or garlic so based on this hadith scholars gave the ‘fatwah’ that smoking is ‘makrooh‘. But now after science has advanced we have come to know smoking is nothing but slow poisoning. Tobacco in any form whether it is smoking cigarettes’, ‘beedi’, whether tobacco in hookah, whether chewing tobacco or forms of tobacco containing nicotine and tar. And we know it is nothing…

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3 thoughts on “Q. What is the ruling on Smoking? Is it halal or haraam?

    • Walykum assalaam,

      Sorry, currently we dont know any online service for asking questions to dr zakir.

      However, you can ask questions to sheikh assim al-hakeem. The link is provided on the website.


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