Q. You said that Allah reflects light and He is made of Nur – I did not really understand that?

A. (Dr. Zakir): The brother posed a question – he did not understand my explanation to the counter argument of Dr. William Campbell, regarding ‘Nur’ and ‘Allah.’ The Qur’an says in Surah Nur, Chapter 24, Verse No. 35, that Allah is ‘Nurus samaavaati wal ardh’ ‘is the light’ of the heavens and the earth – He is a light. The meaning of ‘light’ in the Qur’an – it is ‘reflected light’ or borrowed light. So he is asking… ‘Does it mean that even Allah has got borrowed light?’ So the answer is given further, if you read the Verse – it says that it is like a parable of a nitche – In the nitche there is a lamp. Lamp has a light of its own. That means, Allah has light of its own, as well as that light of its own, is also being reflected. The light of Allah Subhnawataala is again being reflected by Allah Subhanawataala himself, like a halogen lamp that you see here – It has a tube in between. The lamp you can refer to that, as aSiraj or a Wahaj or aDia.’ And the reflector as Munir or Nur, borrowed light or ‘reflection of  light.’ And further more, but natural this light – actually does not refer to the physical light you are talking about – It is a spiritual light of Allah Subhnawataala But as an answer I have given to Dr. William Campbell.


2 thoughts on “Q. You said that Allah reflects light and He is made of Nur – I did not really understand that?

  1. Explanation is not proper Allah is Noor why does it means ??

    Who saw Allah and who is telling Allah is Noor ?! Should be properly explained

    It’s better to be quiet and by the way who are you to answer the questions when you don’t know the topic??


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