Q. What does Islam say about the milaad procession?

A. (#DrZakirNaik): any thing that you innovate new, in the religion of Islam, which is not mentioned in the Qur’an and the Sahih Hadees, it is called as  bidah i.e. innovation. I can innovate some new in the way of life. How to become a doctor -if I have a new style, new technique…no problem. But in following the religion of Islam, you cannot bring new innovations. The Prophet (pbuh), he never said that…You have processions for my birthdays, or for my death. As you know, 12th Rabbi Awaal -people say, It is the birthday. It  is also the day Prophet passed away. So I ask the people…Are you celebrating his birthday, or are you celebrating his death day. Though the authentic sources say, that he was born on the 9th Rabbi Awwal, and he died on the 12th Rabbi Awwal…whatever it is -there is no Hadith… Saheeh Hadith, showing that you should celebrate. If you want to have a good session…okay, have a good talk…have a good talk, give the good teachings to other people. But celebrating and wasting money -You know having processions, and having band baaja, etc….it is israaf. In the Holy Qur’an, it says in Sura Israa, Ch.17, V. 25 and 26,All those who do israaf are brothers of devils’.  We have Muslim brothers, who put songs…full blast on this day, and they take out big processions in trucks, and they shout slogans “Nabee ka daman nahi chodenge…nahi chodenge”. I ask them…Where have you caught the daaman, that you will leave it. The question of leaving, only arises when you catch the damaan -so first hold… Ati Allah, Ati ur Rasool. Read the Qur’an with understanding, read the Sahih Hadith, and you will know the truth therein. Hope that answers your question.