Q. As-Salam Alaikum – Can you please comment on artificial insemination and test-tube babies?

A. (Dr. Zakir): Sister has posed a question, can I comment on artificial insemination and test-tube babies. Whether it is allowed or not in Islam –  That is what she  means. Sister,  artificial insemination is of two types – One is ‘Homogeneous’ and the other is ‘Heterogeneous’. ‘Homoge­neous’ means – ‘Using the sperm and the ovum of the husband and wife’. If suppose the wife or the husband has certain medical problems and if you know by doing Homogeneous artificial insemination they can give birth to a child, It is perfectly allowed. But Heteroge­neous artificial insemination, in which you get a sperm, from a sperm bank – it is totally haram. How you have ‘Blood Bank’ – Here today you also have ‘Sperm Bank’ – You cannot go to a sperm bank and get a sperm, and use it in your wife – That is ‘haram’. So homogeneous artificial insemination is allowed, Heterogeneous is not allowed. Same way, for the test tube babies or whatever – If it is of the husband and wife, its totally allowed – if it is not of husband and wife, it is not allowed – It is as good as adultery. Hope that answers the question.


Q. As-Salam Alaikum, brother Zakir Naik – Educated people does not believe the ‘Qayamat’, the last day which is Judged by Allah. Obedient of Allah goes to Heaven, disobedient… that is… sinners goes to hell.

A. (Dr.Zakir):   The brother has posed a question, that educated people do not believe in ‘Qayamah’…the day of resurrection and life after death, etc., that the world is going to end, etc.- So how will you prove to them logically or scientifically about Qayamah, about life after death, etc. Brother one way as I said earlier, that if 80% of the Qur’an has been proved to be 100% correct  , and the remaining 20% is ambiguous… my logic says, that even this 20% will be correct. That is the answer that I gave earlier. There is another way you can prove to these educated people , by asking them a simple question. You ask him  the question…‘Is robbing good or bad?…  Robbing, is it good or bad?’ The brother is saying… ‘It is bad’. Is raping good or bad? ‘Bad’ – the brother is saying ‘Bad’. What I ask the question to these educated people, who do not believe in Qiyamah, who do not believe in life after death. I tell them… ‘Can you give me one logical reason why robbing is bad?’ Only one – Can you give me one logical reason why it is bad ? if you ask a person…‘Why not to rob?’- they give various reasons… that if you rob  it hurts the feeling of the other person. See I am telling you, I am a smug­gler… Suppose I am a smuggler – You prove to me why robbing is bad. See I am not bothered whether it is harming the other person or not – No one can harm me. If I rob if I take out a thousand rupees from the wallet of a man  passing by  – I can go to Delhi Darbar, I can have dinner, I can have lunch, I can go to movie, I can enjoy life – It is good – why it is bad ? Some people  will say… ‘If you rob – someone else, some day someone  will rob you- No one can rob me – I am a Mafia. I have just a example – I am Mafia – I have got  thousand body guards – All with AK47, all with AK47. No one can harm me – I can harm them…I have got thousand body guard, all with AK47 – No one can harm my family – My family is guarded. I want to ask the question you prove to me robing is bad . One logical reason,  not two – Why it is bad, and I will stop it immediately. I am a logical person – I believe in science, as you said I am a logical person – I believe in science – You prove to me why it is bad. Some may say that…‘ See, it is against humanity’. I ask… ‘Who wrote this book called humanity ?… Who wrote it ?’ I do not believe in it –  I am enjoying life. When I rob thousand rupees, when I rob 1 lakh rupees , I can enjoy life , I can buy a new flat. I can go abroad, and no one can harm me be­cause I am a Mafia. Some people will say…‘ The police will catch you and put you in the jail’. I say… ‘ I have got the police in my pocket, I have got the ministers in my pocket. And you know that throughout the world, there are various top smugglers who have got the police in their pockets – they have got ministers in their pockets, no one can harm them. Throughout the world you have got example , I am saying…‘ I am such a Mafia – You prove to me why it is bad, and I will stop robbing. And this question I have posed to thousands of people in audiences. Whatever answer they give – it does not satisfy logi­cally. So I tell them… ‘Okay, now you become that Mafia… and I will try and convince to you –  why robbing is bad, why raping is bad.’ So he  is happy… now Zakir took me for a ride, now we will take Zakir for a ride. So I tell them the reason why robbing is bad. May be you are a Mafia, no one can harm you. I agree with you, no one can harm your family, but if you rob – you go against the commandments of Allah (SWT) and in the Hereafter you will get punishment.In this world you may have the police in your pocket, you may have the minister in your pocket – but in the Hereafter you will be held responsible. I am asking you a question, that your human law… you talk about a human law… Now I am speaking as a Muslim – Now you are the Mafia. I am speaking as a Muslim, and convincing you of  ‘Qayamah’, and life after death. I am telling you that if you are a Mafia and you kill many people, you may get saved in this world, not in the Hereafter. I asked a question, that suppose there is a smuggler who has killed hundreds of people – do not you think he requires punishment? He requires – Where will he get it? We see many smugglers lead a luxurious life – they have got palaces, they enjoy life – and they die a very good death. Some people die a bad death, some people die a good death – Do not you think they require a punishment?  Hitler –  Do you know Hitler?… Hitler incinerated 6 million Jews. He burnt 6 million Jews alive – Do you know that ? Even if you say 6 lakhs, I agree with you?  -You say 6000 I agree with you. I am asking the ques­tion,  if your law catches Hitler what punishment can you give him? What punishment? Worst you can do is incinerate him, you can burn  him – But that will compensate  only for one death.  What about the other 5  million. 9 hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety nine deaths. But in my logical case, in the Hereafter, Allah will put him in the Hell. And Qur’an says  in Surah Nisa, Ch. 4, Verse  56, ‘As to those whose reject Our signs,  We well put you in hell fire, and as often as your skin will roasted, We shall give you fresh skins’. If Allah wants, He can burn Hitler 6 million times – He can even burn Hitler, 12 million times. Therefore without a Hereafter, there will be no morality in this world – So raping is bad. Why? – Because if you get saved in this world you will it pay in the Hereafter. Hope that answers the question.

Q. The next question from the slip is – Advocate Abbas Hetavkar – He asks…‘ The world is threatened with the menace of AIDS . It is not known how to deal with it – Does Qur’an throw any light on its causes and prevention?

A. (Dr.Zakir): The question posed was  that we are threatened with AIDS‘Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome’ – Does Qur’an throw any light on that? If you happen to know, that the first International Aids Conference – it took place in our city of Bombay in 1994 –  in Hotel Oberoi Tower. First International Conference on AIDS… and Dr. Michael Mercen – he was the person who headed it. He was from WHO… World Health Organisation. At that time he said… ‘There were about eleven million cases of AIDS detected – out of which 1.6 is present in India, and at the end of the century, there will be 40 million cases of AIDS in the world… out of which 11 million will be in India’. More than 25% will be in India and he said  that… ‘Within 5 years time, the next 5 years, there is doubtful of any cure’. No one will know how to cure this – Best is – Prevention… Prevention is better than cure’ – and the reason for this AIDS he gave as – one is homosexuality, other is hetrosexuality, unsafe sex, that is Adultery, 3rd is using needles for drugs, blood transfusion, etc., and fourth is associated with Alcoholism. If you analyse Qur’an throws lights on most of these topics. Qur’an says in Surah Araf, Ch. No. 7, Verse No. 80 and 81 that… ‘We sent Luth (Ale- Salaam) Prophet Luth (peace be upon him) to the people, and he said to them…‘Do you practice lewdness which no one has done before. You prefer in lust men, over women. You have indeed gone far beyond the limits’. Luth (Ale-Salaam) says that these people used to practice homosexuality. And you know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah – and how Allah (SWT) sends brim stones on them. Homosexuality is prohibited in the Holy Qur’an. But now we find in the modern world, they have legalized Gay marriages – Do you know that? When I was in Canada, it came in front page –‘Man and man kissing each other’… husband-wife. Legalized Gay – Homosexuality, legalized. The Gays – they take out a procession for their rights – ‘Gay rights…’ Headquarter at SanFrancisco, etc. One of the reasons of Homosexuality  – then comes adultery. The Qur’an says in Surah Isra, Ch. No. 17, Verse No.  32. It says that… ‘Come not close to adultery…  it is an evil, opening other routes to evil – Come not close to adultery’. And do you know – in America a man has eight different sexual partner on a average, before he settles down with one perma­nent life partner. On a average eight – some may have twenty, some may have thirty , some may have one, some may have two, on a aver­age eight sexual partners, before they settle down with a permanent wife. Do you know this?… It has  been legalized there – Qur’an is against adultery – totally against adultery. And  one of the cause of AIDS it is – prostitution – Do you know what we medical doctors call them? ‘CSW’– You know what is ‘CSW ’? ‘Commercial Sex Worker’ – We give refined words for these. And accord­ing to Dr. Gilada, in that conference he said…‘ 50% of the commer­cial sex workers of Bombay had, AIDS – By end of the century 90% will have AIDS.’ There is no place for prostitution in Islam. And most of the people going to prostitutes the report said… ‘Were between 15 to 24 years – young people’. Our beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAS)(peace upon him) he said, it is mentioned in Sahih Bukhari, Volume No. 7,  Ch. 3, Hadith number 4.  He said…  ‘O ye young people who ever has the means to get married, get married for it will help, to lower your gaze’. Marrying early, is preferable in Islam. It will prevent adultery, it will prevent promiscuity, it will prevent Homosexuality. There­fore our Prophet   said… ‘Marriage completes half your deen’. Coming to the last reason he gave… ‘Associated to Tuberculosis, as well as Alcoholism’ Major people that go to the prostitute 95% they have Alcohol … Alcoholics. Qur’an says, as I mentioned earlier in Surah Maidah, Ch. 5, Verse No. 90. It says…(Arabic)…  ‘O you who believe, most certainly intox­icants and gambling,  (Arabic)… dedication of stones , divination of arrows,  (Arabic)… these are Satan’s handy work.  (Arabic….) Abstain from such handy work, that you may prosper’. Today the medical doctors they say… ‘Do not call them drunkards – Alcoholism is a disease – Treat them like  pa­tients’. You know that’s the terminology we use in the new books of medicine. Alcoholism is a disease. How you treat the patient of Tuberculosis, of Cancer – Do not blame the Alcoholics – Treat them as patients , it is a disease. I tell them, that if Alcohol is a disease , it is the only disease sold in bottles. It is the only disease advertised in the Newspapers, in the Magazines, in the Radios, as well as the Television. Our government has a law, that you cannot advertise anything like…Alcohol. So, You know what they do? – Bagpiper Soda… who drinks Bagpiper Soda. It  is there – People know it is Bagpiper whisky – It Is not Bagpiper Soda. I saw an Ad. – London Pilsner or some other Alcohol company – Glass… Glass… Ad. for Glass. Any logical person will know it is an Ad. for that Alcohol. So they are taking our government  for a ride – these ads are allowed even on the television you see. If alcohol is a disease, it is the only disease which gets revenue for the government . It is the only disease which has got licensed out-lets. It is the only disease which has got no Viral or germ cause. It is the disease which cause violent deaths on the highways. It is the disease which destroys the family. The Qur’an says… ‘ It is not a disease’. It says… (Arabic)… ‘These are Satan’s handy work… (Arabic)… Abstain from this handy work , that you may prosper’.

Q. We have talked about Astronomy – What is the reference towards Astrology, and effect of the position of Stars and Planets on human life. The Hindu mythology and belief, lays a lot a stress of ‘Janampatri’ and Palmistry – Your comments please.

A. (Dr.Zakir): Question posed  is ,  the Qur’an speaks about Astronomy – What does the Qur’an speak about Astrology – Like looking at the stars and  ‘Janampatri ’, fortune telling, etc. The Qur’an says in several places including Surah Maidah ,Ch. 5, Verse No. 90, it says… (Arabic )… O you who believe, (Arabic )…Most cer­tainly intoxicants and gambling, (Arabic)… dedication of stones , divination of arrows,
 (Arabic )… these are Satan’s handy work – Abstain from such handy works, that you may prosper. The Qur’an says that… ‘Do not indulge in fortune telling’. It does not say whether fortune telling can be right or wrong – It says…‘ Do not indulge in it’.
And we know there are may people who can look at the palm and predict your future… by looking at the Stars, and we know most of it is fake – You know most of it is fake. You go to a computer… put you date of birth, and you get the answer. There was a research done by a professor, to just show to the people, what did he mean. He taught a class room of hundred students for 7 days. At the end of the seven days he said… ‘I have come to know the nature of all the students. I will write each one’s nature on a piece of chit and give it to him , and when I say open the chit, open it simultane­ously and give your views’. So he wrote a chit of paper, and gave to every student what his nature is –  and what has he done in the past, what has he done so far. So all the students, they opened the chit – and do you know that more then 90% said that ‘the teacher was 100% correct’. The remaining 10% said he was 90% correct. The experiment was –  the teacher wrote the same thing for all the 100 students. You know there are certain things – if I will tell you…‘In the next six months, something good is going to happen to you’. Even if 100 bad things happen – one good thing is going to happen – So it is no prediction. It is just making a fluery of the people. Most of these people who say that…‘We can predict’. You know what they say… ‘See… See, all the other people… all the other people who predict future are false –  but the one which I go to – he is 100% correct’. Everyone says that, and they take them for a ride – Just to make money. Qur’an does not say whether it is right or wrong –   Qur’an says…‘Do not indulge in fortune telling’. It does not say…‘No  one can tell about this or that’ – It says.. ‘Do not indulge, it will cause you more harm’. Hope that answers the question.

Q. Salaam Alaikum, My name is Faisal – How scientifically or logically can you explain that Allah (SWT) being Omniscient… that is knowing the past, present, future and every thing – send Scriptures before the Qur’an – Why did not He send the Qur’an itself?

A. (Dr.Zakir). Brother has asked the question – that why did Allah (swt),  did’nt send Qur’an earlier. Why did He send the other revelations first… and then the Qur’an ? It  is like you asking me, that… ‘Why didn’t you first teach me medicine? Why I had to go to standard one, standard two, standard three, and then do my medicine?’ – You have to go in stage wise. All the previ­ous revelations that came before the Qur’an, as I mentioned earli­er were send only for those people and for a particular time period. The Holy Qur’an is send to the whole of human kind, and its message is meant till Eternity. Therefore, the previous reve­lation that won’t be preserved. Allah thought it right – He has Divine knowledge – He knows when to send the final Revelation – Not that he could not sent it earlier. Like the teacher knows how much to teach to a student – Should not go beyond the level. So Allah thought it fit, that humankind may be had reached that level, were I can reveal the final Revelation. Allah knew that may be pre­viously, the time was not right – therefore all the previous revela­tions – none of them have been preserved except the Holy Qur’an. Because Qur’an is the last and the final Revelation and it proved itself to be ‘Word of God’. It proved itself 1400 hundred years ago- will prove today- and will be able to prove till Eternity, Inshallah.

Q. Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahamtullahi Wabarakatuhu – My name is Abdul Subhan – I am an accountant. It is mentioned in Qur’an that Allah Tawarkatalla says… ‘No one can say what is in the stomach of the mother… male or female’. But on the other hand science says ,or it is proving that male or female – So kindly give your bright light on this question.

A. (Dr.Zakir): The brother has posed the question, that the Qur’an says that… ‘No one besides Allah (SWT) can mention, what is the sex of the child in the mother’s womb. And today Science is advanced – you can come to know by Ultra – Sonography, etc.,  the sex of the child. What the brother is referring to, a verse in the Holy Qur’an form Surah  Luqman, Ch. 31, Verse No. 34, which says… ‘Only Allah has the knowledge of the hour’ – of when it is going to rain, what is in the womb of the mother, where will  a person die, and what will he earn. The Qur’an says… ‘Only Allah knows what is in the womb of the mother’- It does not say…‘ What is the sex of the child in the mother’s womb’. I do know – there are various transla­tions, especially the Urdu translations – they mention the word ‘Sex’ –  The word ‘Sex’ is not there in the Holy Qur’an. The Arabic verse of Surah Lukman Ch. 31, Verse 34,  does not say, ‘Sex’. It says no one besides Allah knows what is in the womb. It is only referring to the nature of the child. Whether the child that will be born – will he be good, or will he be bad? Will he be boon for society… Will he be bane for society?… What will he become a doctor or a Engineer? ….  Will he go to Heaven or Hell. And no Scientist with the best technology can decipher that. No where does the Qur’an say that… ‘Only Allah knows the sex’. It is saying, only Allah knows what will be the nature of the child, and what will he do –  and no scientist whatever with equipment they have can predict this.

Q. The Qur’an says that Allah has made the earth for you as a carpet – this gives an indication that earth is flat… which is contradictory with modern Science.

A. (Dr.Zakir): The question posed was – and people are astonished out here… that the Qur’an says the  earth was like a carpet… spread out like a carpet – So does it mean, it was flat?  What the person is referring- from the Ayat from the Holy Qur’an, in Surah Nur, Ch. 71,verse no. 19 and 20, which does say… ‘that we have spread out the Earth like a carpet’. But it gives the answer in the next verse, in verse number 20, ‘So that you may walk and travel in the spacious path’. As I mentioned in my talk – the Geologists, they tell us today, the earth which we live- on the surface is hardly one to 10 miles, and less than 1% of the total radius of the earth which is 3750 miles. The top layer is a solid shell. The deeper layers are hot and fluid, and inhospitable for existence of life. No where does the Qur’an say, that the earth is flat. It gives a similitude that… ‘We have spread out the Earth like a carpet’. People normally have a misconception that… ‘A carpet can only be spread on a flat surface’. It is wrong – A carpet, can also be spread on a spherical surface. For example imagine that there is big model of the earth, the globe, say about 10 feet in radius – Very big – Very well you can spread a carpet around it – It is possible. But Qur’an is scientifically also speaking, that besides spreading out – today Science tells us that the earth’s crust – because when we layout a carpet, we normally spread out a carpet, on the surface which is not comfortable to walk on – Carpet is normally spread out on a sur­face which is not comfortable to walk on. So Science today tells us that if the outer crust was not spread out like a carpet around this spherical earth, we would not be able to live – Because the deeper layers are hot and fluid.  So when Qur’an says we have spread out the earth, its referring to the earth’s crust has been spread out like a carpet. And the reason is given… ‘So that you may walk in the spacious path of the Lord’- Qur’an says in  other places also that… ‘We have made the Earth, as spacious’. Qur’an says… in Surah Nabah Ch. 78, Verse No. 6, ‘We have made the Earth as an expanse’. It is refer­ring that… ‘The earth, We have made as wide’- You know why? The answer is given in  Surah Ankabut, Ch. 29, Verse, 56 which says…‘ We have made the Earth as a wide expanse for you so that you will worship Me and Me alone’. So tomorrow you cannot say that, the situation where I lived in,  may be Bombay, it was difficult circumstances, therefore I was prevented to do good deeds – So I did evil deeds. Allah says… ‘The earth is a wide expanse for you – it is spacious’. You cannot give the excuse for doing evil deeds , because of your circumstances. Therefore worship Allah, and Allah alone. There is no place in the Holy Qur’an which says…‘The world is flat’. In fact, I told you in my speech the Qur’an says in Surah Luqman, Ch. 31, Verse 29, and Surah Al-Zumoor, Ch. 39, Verse No. 5, that… ‘The world is spherical’ and specifically in Surah Naziyath, Ch. 79, Verse No. 30…(Arabic…)  ‘We have made the Earth thereafter  Egg shape…like an Ostrich Egg, which is exactly Geo spherical.