Islamic Research Foundation (IRF)


In 1991 he founded the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) which is a non profit organization, making charitable trust and as its Chairman, he actively promotes Islamic understanding through television channels, radio programs, and the internet and through the written word. The aim of the foundation is to get rid of misconceptions about Islam and he does this through his intensive knowledge about the Quran and the Hadith. DVDs and video recordings of his lectures and debates are available on

He is also the chairman of the IRF Educational Trust, and the president of Islamic Dimensions. IRF is a non-profit Islamic organization that owns and broadcasts the free-to-air TV channel network Peace TV from Mumbai, India.

The Islamic International School (IIS), Mumbai is also managed by the IRF Educational Trust which imparts the best of education in an Islamic environment for the children.

IRF uses modern technology for its activities, wherever feasible. Its presentation of Islam reach millions of people worldwide through international satellite T.V. channels, cable T.V. networks, internet and the print media. IRF’s activities and facilities provide the much needed understanding about the truth and excellence of Islamic teachings – based on the glorious Quran and authentic Hadith, as well as adhering to reasons, logic and scientific facts.


402 thoughts on “Islamic Research Foundation (IRF)

  1. Salam alaykum.
    My name is Awwal Ahmed, First of all I will like to thank doctor zakir Naik for spreading Islam this far may Allah almighty bless him give him long life and prosperity and grant him the highest al-jannah.
    Then second of all I will like him to pray to Allah to grant me good shifa because I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease since age nine and now I am seventeen going to eighteen insha Allah.
    And for my question, what was Allah doing before he created anything even the angels.


  2. Are the Ayat in Quran plotting the stars guides the people have the same meanings about the Astrology, which tells the Zodiac signs at the space activates the people minds?


  3. 1) Assalamualakum Sir/Maam.
    2) Is it ever the responsibility or obligation of anyone other than one’s husband to pay the Mehr. If so, who and under what circumstances
    3) My husband is a sane adult and has a job and income of his own. My father in law is also an earning sane adult. Is my father in law or any other male in my husband’s family obliged to pay my mehr instead of my husband because they were present alongside my husband at the time of Nikah and during the decision making of Mehr. Who gets the gunah for non payment?


  4. Some christians ask in youtube prove scientifically one hadith: (sun goes to allah and ask can i risen tomorrow? ) the christians told that sun stays in an one place, but world turn half that foreign countries also Sun Rises..


  5. My Quest is about Abortion.
    If unmarried girl become pregnant of 2 months and she don’t want baby due to family and society problem. Is it permissions to do abortion?
    If girls marry with father or baby and she will take a birth what does Islam say?


  6. Asslam o Alikum
    My question is about khula
    My friend is living in England she got married in Pakistan she visited there many times but her husband could not come to her because of visa . Due to her husband’s behaviour she applied khula from england mosque and they sent it to her husband . Is the divorce happend or not? She is confused because her husband said he did not signed that khulla papers please reply me as early as possible
    Thanx and regards


  7. Asalamualaikum , my name is umair bin farooq I, im from Kashmir (Srinagar) . I need to know can IRF give me the franchise for school in Srinagar.


  8. Assalamu alaikum,please I will like to be clarified on what are the conditions that makes a divorce halal after uttering three 3 times at different places.


  9. Brother zakir I have question that some Muslim say that the father and mother of prophet Mohammed (saw) will not go jannat ,but i am Muslim, i am not satisfy about this ,but i want to answer the correct explanation.


  10. السلام عليكم
    Please, I want to talk about an atheist person I want Dr. Zacker Nike to talk and convince him and this is a Website


  11. I would like please to know the wisdom and moral behind hijab. Moreover, why does Islam oppress women where it is allowed that they are hit by their husbands and it is them who have to cover their bodies not men which could be unfair also if hijab is a fard why is it mentioned in Quran only 3 times in a none straightforward way and not a single verse said what and how exactly to cover?
    Thank you in advance


  12. I am reading Quran with English translation since I was 20 years, now I am 70years old, what I found that 90% of my community does
    not understand Arabic they can read without understanding, so I started copying translation of some sura , meaning only ,from Quran published from Saudi government ,and distributed, the local molwi , object , said it is not permissible,
    Can you provide me some answer from Quran or some shahi Hadith, please.


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