Q. Which is the most sinful and serious act during Ramadan which invalidates the fast?

the most serious act that breaks the fast

the most serious act that breaks the fast

A. (#drzakirnaik): The act which is the most sinful and most serious amongst all of them which invalidates the fast, it is sexual intercourse. That when you have sexual intercourse and when the two private parts meet then your fast is invalidated whether ejaculation takes place or not. And you have to repent for that. You have to complete the fast for that day and you have to make it up later and you have to pay the penalty i.e. Kaffara. According to sahih hadith in which our beloved Prophet said, “A man comes to the Prophet and says ‘o prophet I am ruined’ the Prophet says ‘what is the matter?’ the man says ‘ I had sex with my wife while I was fasting’ so the Prophet says ‘can you free a salve?’ so the man says ‘no I cannot’ then the Prophet asks ‘can you fast consecutively for 2 months (60 days)?’ the man says ‘no I cannot’ then the Prophet says that ‘can you feed 60 poor people?’ and the man says ‘no’…” and the hadith continues. In short we come to know from the hadith that if any person does a sexual intercourse it is one of the major sins, it is most serious and most sinful amongst all the things that break the fast. The person who does this sin he should immediately repent to Allah subhanwatala, and ask for forgiveness. He should complete his fast for the day and make up for the fast after Ramadan. And he has to pay a penalty and the penalty we come to know from this hadith is, he eithers frees a slave if he can, if he does not have the money to free the slave or he cannot find slave to free then he should fast for 2 consecutive months* (60 days). If he cannot do that also then he should at least feed 60 poor people** and these are three option that are given to a person to pay as penalty as a kaffara but if a person can do the first thing he should not jump to the second or the third option.

*if he breaks a fast in between then he has to again start from the beginning and fast for 60 consecutive days.

**Each poor person should be fed with approx. half ‘Sah’. Each ‘Sah’ is equal to 3 times stretched hands of wheat or the food of that land. (Approx. one day’s food normally had in that land).