Islamic Research Foundation (IRF)


In 1991 he founded the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) which is a non profit organization, making charitable trust and as its Chairman, he actively promotes Islamic understanding through television channels, radio programs, and the internet and through the written word. The aim of the foundation is to get rid of misconceptions about Islam and he does this through his intensive knowledge about the Quran and the Hadith. DVDs and video recordings of his lectures and debates are available on

He is also the chairman of the IRF Educational Trust, and the president of Islamic Dimensions. IRF is a non-profit Islamic organization that owns and broadcasts the free-to-air TV channel network Peace TV from Mumbai, India.

The Islamic International School (IIS), Mumbai is also managed by the IRF Educational Trust which imparts the best of education in an Islamic environment for the children.

IRF uses modern technology for its activities, wherever feasible. Its presentation of Islam reach millions of people worldwide through international satellite T.V. channels, cable T.V. networks, internet and the print media. IRF’s activities and facilities provide the much needed understanding about the truth and excellence of Islamic teachings – based on the glorious Quran and authentic Hadith, as well as adhering to reasons, logic and scientific facts.

303 thoughts on “Islamic Research Foundation (IRF)

  1. I want buy set of Dr. Zakir naik books (ENGLISH ) please let me know how can I get it in Portugal.
    As salamualaikum.


  2. ACCORDING to the BIG BANG THEORY the whole universe was a big mass (primary nebula) then there was a BIG BANG (secondary separation) which resulted in the formation of galaxies . These then divided to form stars, planets, the sun, the moon.
    My question is from one part the galaxies were made what about the other part which was separated.


    • Don’t ask questions here this is official and they can’t answer on behalf of zakir naik haven’t you read what’s said above🙈


    • Don’t ask this question from Dr zakir ask this question from the scientist .Allah says “do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joind together before we clove them asunder “(surah anbiya 21.verse 30) we know the stars, planats,glaciers .that after big ban these things are created .now if there are other things beside them in the universe .do reaserch on it and share with us.but the verse of the Quran still correct
      (Allah knows the best)


  3. I want some of your free literature of zakir naik’s and of Ahmed deedat’s
    I’m from srilanka

    I’m in desperate need of it


  4. Assalamu Alaikkum,

    Dear Mr.sheik assim
    If we read full quran and doing qadiya for the expired ancestor will it accept in Islam. Kindly advise me.


  5. 1) : Meri shadi hui, fir him dono ki nahi bani. Humare or unke parents kehte Jodi Allah banata h.
    2) : wo mujhe talak nahi de Rahi , or mere pass bhi nahi aati, 5 years hone wale hain, Kya main second shadi Kar sakta hu?


  6. sir i want to a question you sir. First i say that i do not know good English. My question is What is expose death news loudly in Mosque Mike. Please sir this question answer sent my email address –


  7. Aslamwalekum
    Mera sawal hai ki jaisai kuran mai al imran mai likha hai ki Allah kai Siva koi prastish kai kaabil nhi .to Allah is surah mai aapna naam leke kyun keh rhai hai .Allah aisai Ku nhi keh rhai hai ki merai Siva koi prastish ibaadat kai laayak nhi . iska mtlab yeh mujhe aarha hai ki koi aur Allah kai baare mai bta RHA hai Quran mai .Allah khud ni keh rhai hai


  8. Assalamualaikum.. my question is every human had asked before Allah created Adam (A.S) that whether he want to become a human or angel and we are the fools who wanted higher grade so we chosen us as human beings then how come jibrael Ameen was there before the creation of earth and human beings and do Jinns had the same choice? If so then according to Quran Iblis was there too when Allah created Adam (A.S)
    Please reply this question you all are my brother jazakallah


  9. Assalamoalaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatuhu.Q.keya kisi syed talaq shuda ghare khatun ko zaqat de sakte hay


  10. I need to know that whether standing up in respect of national anthem and to salute it a shirk or not. Please keep in your mind that Dr.Israr Ahmed while giving a lecture in Peace TV in India had said that it falls in Shirk.
    Just because he uses your platform for that statement so I would like your clarification for that…


    • Assalaam alaikum,

      Explanation of surah 23, verses 5-6

      ﴿وَالَّذِينَ هُمْ لِفُرُوجِهِمْ حَـفِظُونَ – إِلاَّ عَلَى أَزْوَجِهِمْ أَوْ مَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَـنُهُمْ فَإِنَّهُمْ غَيْرُ مَلُومِينَ – فَمَنِ ابْتَغَى وَرَآءَ ذلِكَ فَأُوْلَـئِكَ هُمُ الْعَادُونَ ﴾

      (And those who guard their private parts. Except from their wives and their right hand possessions, for then, they are free from blame. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors.) means, those who protect their private parts from unlawful actions and do not do that which Allah has forbidden; fornication and homosexuality, and do not approach anyone except the wives whom Allah has made permissible for them or their right hand possessions from the captives. One who seeks what Allah has made permissible for him is not to be blamed and there is no sin on him. Allah says:

      ﴿فَإِنَّهُمْ غَيْرُ مَلُومِينَفَمَنِ ابْتَغَى وَرَآءَ ذلِكَ﴾

      (they are free from blame. But whoever seeks beyond that) meaning, other than a wife or slave girl,

      ﴿فَأُوْلَـئِكَ هُمُ الْعَادُونَ﴾

      (then those are the transgressors.) meaning , aggressors.

      Source: Tafsir Ibn Kathir


  11. Jo bachay paida hotay he mar jaatay hain ya itnay time tak rehtay hain k un ki soch jab taj mature nh hoti mar jaaatay hain tou question yeh hai k wo kya itnay naik hotay hain k Allah bagair test k unhain Jannat main makaam ata farmaata hai reason kya hai iska??


  12. My name is Jamal and I live in france. I am from Morocco. I have 3 children (4, 3 and 1 year). I would like my children to follow the path of Daee. Your curriculum interests me a lot. Can you advise me please knowing that i live in france.


  13. assalamualaikum.why is the not active anymore?it show’s suspended site…please make it work again…thanks


  14. Hi i have a question about a hadith, i don’t know whether it is weak or strong as some websites says it is strong and others say its weak so i want to know from you people. Hadith is 38:4349 abu dawood…
    [Comment truncated by admin]


  15. Assalam-o-Alaikum dr zakir naik marre abbu ki death marre dada sae phalai hogai tu kya dada ki jaidad par hamara koi haq banta hai ham teen bhannai or ek bhai hai jab plzz ap hamari help karai kae ham log sharrai toor par pochna chahtai hai kae kya haq banta hai hamara.


  16. Assalamu alailkkum
    we liked in yours speech
    I need your speech in tamil
    Your speech is very useful in peoples
    But ur speaking full English so we can’t understand it………?


  17. I want to know that on the night of miraj prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) offered prayers (masjid e aqsa)with all prophets and became imam ul anbia but when they went above heavens and meet with god and god gave pravers(5times a day) and then jibrael A.S told the methods of prayings
    so I want to ask you question that how it is possible that prophet offered prayer in masjid e aqsa first but got the methods of praying after miraj?


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