Islamic Research Foundation (IRF)


In 1991 he founded the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) which is a non profit organization, making charitable trust and as its Chairman, he actively promotes Islamic understanding through television channels, radio programs, and the internet and through the written word. The aim of the foundation is to get rid of misconceptions about Islam and he does this through his intensive knowledge about the Quran and the Hadith. DVDs and video recordings of his lectures and debates are available on

He is also the chairman of the IRF Educational Trust, and the president of Islamic Dimensions. IRF is a non-profit Islamic organization that owns and broadcasts the free-to-air TV channel network Peace TV from Mumbai, India.

The Islamic International School (IIS), Mumbai is also managed by the IRF Educational Trust which imparts the best of education in an Islamic environment for the children.

IRF uses modern technology for its activities, wherever feasible. Its presentation of Islam reach millions of people worldwide through international satellite T.V. channels, cable T.V. networks, internet and the print media. IRF’s activities and facilities provide the much needed understanding about the truth and excellence of Islamic teachings – based on the glorious Quran and authentic Hadith, as well as adhering to reasons, logic and scientific facts.


343 thoughts on “Islamic Research Foundation (IRF)

    • about moon sighting. If due to winter n it’s a cloudy morning. The moon was unable to b sighted. Can we use calculation as few scholars and masjids cos the Quran doesn’t said so. So some said if using calculation or modern technology is not consider sunat Nabi. Next day the moon is two days big n size. We have Mufti in Sydney and we live in Perth. Can we accept his authority thou he was from diff state? Some said we can’t cos of Latitude. So there were 2 diff day for two Eids. Pls advice.


  1. Assalamu alaikum sir , I am sucked in some problem I got married on Dec 18 2016 with my parent permission ie arranged marriage . actually this alliance came from madarsa bcoz I’m doing tajweed course in madarsa. One of classmate aunty told this alliance .before I’m saying yes for this marriage I did istikharah namaz I got positive response and then I told yes .because I believe Allah and one thing is running in mind I got this alliance for madarsa so Allah is always with me…[comment truncated by admin]


  2. Fao of Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem or anyone who knowledge,

    Can you give me all the evidences from quran and sahih hadith to prove jinn possession please that no one can dispute?

    As some scholars do not accept that it is not possible.

    جزاك الله خيرا


  3. Assalamualaikum,
    My father saved money at Deposit Premium Scheme (DPS) in bank which includes Usury or Riba. He also took home loan from bank for which he had to give the bank interest. By those money he built a house and give it at rent so that by his saving he can lead his life in future easily. I am a student and I don’t earn money till now. In Islam Riba / Usury is haram. As we are muslim. Is it jahez to use the money which we get from the house rent? If not what we should do about the house?
    Thank you.


  4. Asslam.o.alkm.i am doing the small business one of our hindu food suplier give us uncook food on it halal for us to eat this food or not.


  5. Asalaam aalikum mr Zakir Naik.
    I have question to ask u sir Is that my wife and I been married for about seven years now and couple of times we was involved in a big arguments due to family reason therefore she was always saying to me that I want leave u so can I have Divorce (TALAK) from you then I always said to her that I don’t want to give it verbally you write on the piece of paper in Urdu because I can’t write Urdu then you and me will sign it and this has happened on three different occasions in the gap of between the period of four to six months and I always signed it without reading it.
    I just wanted to ask that is this count as a one divorce or do I still have a chance to take my decision back and still live like a halal way as husband and wife???
    I will wait for your response brother thank you…


  6. Dear Sir
    I have a question?
    Upna bolatha sub dharmio ketab may lekha ha Jo mahamaad(s) dharthe par ayaga or Islam prochar a bet o sub pandit kaicha jantatha?
    Please answer sir .l am a big fans of u..


  7. Asalaam, I am unable to open the website from my country, I was wondering if someone could email me a pdf of the refuted answers about the alleged contradictions in the Quran, I heard Dr. Zakir naik mention in one of his lectures, but since I am to the website, can someone please forward me a copy, it really appreciate it. May Allah (SWT) accept your efforts ameen


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